SAM-UK is a China residential pipe fittings manufacturer dedicated to residential and home. And as the household plastic pipe supplier, SAM-UK provides different sizes and materials pipe fittings for home use for you to choose.
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PPR Pipe Fittings

If you select the pipe fittings to match the hot and cold water PPR pipe, the first consideration must be the PPR material.Because the PPR is corrosion resistance, resistance to acid and alali, not scale.Now here wholesale PPR pipe fittings,as the PPR pipe fittings manufacturer,we have the best PPR female union fittings for sale and we are also the manufacturer of the PPR brass male coupling.If you use the hot and cold water PPR pipe,the quality of the PPR plumbing pipe fittings is very important because it decided the use effection of the hot and cold water PPR pipe. You should have a look at our best PPR female union fittings for sale and you won’t be disappointed.

Are you looking for the home use pipe fittings? As a professional China household pipe fitting supplier, we Taizhou Zhuoxin Plastics Co., Ltd ( SAM-UK )  has produced a number of home use pipe fittings for you to choose. Our drain pipe fittings for home use are of high quality that you can rest assured to use. We also have high quality plastic pipe for sale. If you need residential plastic pipes made in China, please contact us, we provide you with the best residential plastic pipes made in China.
Different Inches PVC Pipe Fittings: We can supply a wide range of PVC pipe fittings, including: 1 inch, 2 inch, 1/2 inch, 3 inch, etc. If you do not find the pipe fittings your need, pls feel free to contact us promptly. We have a professional R & D and mold making department to provide the suitable PVC pipe fittings for you.
SAM-UK Is the largest manufacturers of pipe fittings in China, providing professional services and the best quality pipe fittings, well known in the world.
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