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Common ways to install PVC pipe and PVC elbow tee

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With the rapid development of the production technology, construction technology and the fire protection measures of PVC pipes and fittings, PVC pipe elbow and PVC pipe tee has been widely used in construction drainage works. But in the actual installation process, there often will be some wrong practices, resulting in floor water seepage, water leakage at the pipe joints, poor water, indoor air pollution, etc., seriously affecting the normal use of households. Here we introduce the common installation errors of PVC pipe fittings and countermeasures.

1.Common installation errors and countermeasures for 

PVC pipe and elbow tee 

1.1 Tee or cross

Due to the negligence of the construction workers, put the PVC pipe tee or cross at the joint of vertical and lateral branch, which results in the formation of water connections at the junction of water flow, horizontal branch pipe flow can’t be fluent, drainage system pressure fluctuate largely, the water seal of the sanitary equipment is easy to be destroyed, the toxic and harmful gases of the drainage pipe will invade the room. The correct way is to install a PVC y-tee or y-cross.

1.2 Water trap

1.2.1 The trap under the PP floor drain

Some engineers think that the buckle bowl with water seal, and can be deodorant. So there is no need to install the trap under the floor drain. The water seal is always damaged and then it results in leakage because the depth can't meet the requirement. What’s more, because of the household’s improper use and clutters block it. When open the buckle bowl, the bad smell will invade into the room and affect the indoor air quality. According to years of practical experience and relevant information, it proves that the correct approach is to install the P-type trap under the floor drain. Recently reported there is a new type of floor drain ---the performance of static seal horizontal floor drain is also very superior.

1.2.2 The trap under the wash basin

In the case of the design drawings that are not clear, the construction and installation personnel often mistakenly believe that it’s same to install on the floor and under the floor of the trap under the washbasins and sinks. It is not true. It’s very easy to plug because of the hair and some debris in the trap under the washing basin. It needs to be opened the port on the trap to clear it. If the trap installed at the bottom of the floor, you must go to the downstairs house to clean it. It has ceilings in the kitchen and the bathroom of general house, which is very inconvenient. The correct way is to install the S-type trap on the top of the floor (but do not in stall two trap together), so that households can clear it easily at their own home any time.

1.3 Elbow under the stool

It’s not good to connect 90 °PVC pipe elbow with the lateral branch pipe. The hydraulic condition is not good as 45 °PVC pipe elbow. If you connect it with 90 °PVC pipe elbow, it’s better to choose 90 °PVC pipe elbow with hole. The correct installation method is to use a 45 ° elbow connected with the cross tube.

1.4 Expansion joint

In the installation of vertical pipes, it is often found that missing or less fitted with expansion joints, which is not meeting the requirements. Because the linear expansion of the PVC pipe is large, and the expansion and contraction is also large by the temperature changes.

The correct installation method is: when the storey is less than 4 m, there should be set a expansion joint on the vertical pipeline; when the storey is higher than 4 m, it should be determined according to the design of the amount of expansion and contraction, the design expansion should not be greater than the maximum allowable expansion Stretching amount.

1.5 The connection between the horizontal pipe and the riser

In some building drains, the connection between the horizontal pipe and the riser is a 90 ° PVC pipe elbow, which has a high blocking rate and a reasonable installation method using two 45 ° PVC pipe elbows.

1.6 Installation of vertical and horizontal pipe

Due to the good flexibility of construction PVC pipe, it’s easy to bend, the verticality can’t meet the standard requirement if the installation method is not correct and it looks not good. The camber of the horizontal pipe too large, even it appears adverse slope, resulting in poor water flow, joints leakage and abnormal use. The right installation way is the vertical pipe need to be suspended; horizontal pipe need to hang, support, correct the slope, to install in strictly accordance with the requirements of the operating procedures.

1.7 PVC pipe through the floor and block the hole

Pipeline through the floor, some construction personnel do not carry out the construction of the model because of convenience, they only use cement stuff the holes after simply blocking with scraps of paper, fragments and other debris. What’s more, PVC tubes appearance is very smooth, and it’s not very strong bonding with the concrete, so it is very easy to cause serious floor seepage, affecting the normal use of households. The correct approach is: to use civil construction model, pouring no less than the floor of the fine stone concrete to plug the holes, please add waterproofing agent if necessary.

2 Engineering examples for PVC pipe and fittings

Here are an example that about the installation error of PVC pipe, which results in a large economic loss consequences. A company to raise funds for the three six-story multi-storey residential, totally 108 households. The total construction area is 10 368 ㎡, and the total cost is 562.1 million, of which indoor water supply and drainage part is 9.9 million. Each household has a wash basin, two sinks, a toilet, a bathtub, three floor drains. Started in March 1999, and delivery in Dec. During this time, the indoor PVC drainage pipe installation works rework several times, and results in the economic losses up to ten thousand RMB.

2.1 Tee or cross

The original design for the 90 ° oblique tee or four way tee, due to the negligence of the installation personnel, did not carefully identify the schema, mistakenly install tee or cross at the vertical pipes, resulting in all rework. In order to minimize the loss, change the original design of the 90 ° oblique tee or cross to 45 ° y-tee or four way tee. There is no any waste after adjustment of the original vertical pipe, the effect is better.

2.2 Water trap

2.2.1 The trap under the floor drain

The floor drain is with a buckle bowl in the actual installation, and the water seal is 30 mm. In fact, it is not in compliance with the specifications if there is no trap under the floor drain. Therefore, according to the needs of norms and the actual situation, add PVC P-trap under the above-mentioned floor drain to ensure the indoor air quality.

2.2.2 The trap under the wash basin and sinks

As the location of the floor in the construction drawing is not clear, the installation staff make decision themselves to install all traps for the washbasin and sinks under the floor, which does not meet the regulatory requirements, nor meet the use requirements, resulting in all rework. In order to fully utilize the original pipe section which has been worn through the wall and fixed in the floor and reduce the loss. Remove the pipe section behind the trap and connect by several 45 ° elbows to adjust the direction, so as to facilitate the connection. The impact for the appearance is not too big.

2.3 Kitchen, bathroom floor, soaking test

According to the general requirements, the ground of kitchen and bathroom should do flood test, check the water seepage situation. But according to Party A requirements, the kitchen, toilet ground of this project only need 24 hours flooding test. It is found that there is 40% seepage at the place where pipeline through the floor. It’s mainly because the operations are not strictly in accordance with the norms when seal the hole. The treatment is to use "the king of plug" to brush the ground of the seepage place, the seepage is still 10% after the first time fine brush. And then there is almost no seepage after the second fine brush, the effect is good.

3.Concluding remarks

Construction PVC drainage pipes are easy to install, but it should be carefully operated when splice and strictly in accordance with standard to avoid the leakage of the fittings, ground water seepage, horizontal pipe down slope, improper use of pipe types and installation errors and other phenomena. Otherwise, once reworked, the remedy is difficult, not only affect the appearance, but also cause huge economic losses. It must be help you know more about the PVC pipe elbow,  PVC pipe tee after you read the article.

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