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Connection mode of PVC pipe

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PVC pipe is a kind of pipe used frequently at present. In order to better adapt to different use needs, many different connection methods are usually used in the construction process, because different connection methods show different performance, which can be understood through the following. Sub PVC pipe, South Asia PVC pipe, British PVC pipe

1、 Adhesive bonding method.

First cut the PVC pipe according to the corresponding size with a cutter or fine tooth saw, and then use tools to remove the burrs at the pipe mouth. Then use a brush to evenly apply the adhesive on the surface of the socket, then find the center between the pipe and the pipe, and quickly insert the socket into the socket and rotate it for one circle. Then wait for 10 to 15 minutes. After the adhesive is cured, scrape off the excess adhesive around the pipe.

2、 Socket flexible connection

One end of the PVC pipe is directly inserted into the special socket of the pipe or pipe fitting, and the anti drawing is pressed through the locking ring in the socket, and the rubber sealing ring is pressed and sealed to achieve the purpose of tightly connecting the pipe and pipe fitting.

3、 Hot melt connection

Use a special heating tool to heat the parts to be connected between the pipe and the pipe fitting under strong pressure. After melting, remove the heating tool and apply pressure to connect the two contact surfaces together until the joint is cooled.

4、 Flange connection

Flange connection is mainly used for the connection between PVC pipe and metal pipe or auxiliary equipment such as valve, flowmeter and pressure gauge. It is mainly composed of polyethylene flange connector, steel or aluminum back pressure looper flange, steel or aluminum flange sheet, gasket or sealing ring, bolt and nut. The flange connector is in close contact with the flange sheet through fastening bolts and nuts to achieve the purpose of connection.

5、 Electrofusion connection

The special electric melting pipe fitting with embedded resistance wire is used to energize the connecting parts of two connecting pipe fittings, and the resistance wire is used to heat them to melt them into one, and the joint is cooled.

6、 Steel plastic transition joint connection

Steel plastic transition joints prefabricated by cold pressing or other means are used to connect polyethylene pipes and metal pipes. There are anti pull locking rings and sealing rings in steel plastic transition joints. Generally, its sealing performance, anti pull and pressure resistance are greater than those of polyethylene pipes in the system.

PVC pipes are connected in many ways, so before connecting pipes, pipes, pipe fittings and auxiliary equipment shall be checked according to the design requirements, and the appearance inspection shall be carried out on the construction site. They can be used only if they meet the requirements.

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