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Different types of PVC pipe fittings

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Modern PVC pipe fittings can be used for almost any purpose. Due to the wide variety of pipes, fittings and valves, a wide range of diameters and designs are available, making it almost impossible to connect without any restrictions. PVC pipe fittings can be used to create high-performance pipe systems that use PVC components and easily and efficiently connect new components with modern materials, using old, traditional systems made from traditional materials to renew pipe networks while maintaining complete system integrity. I believe everyone should be curious about the type of PVC pipe fittings. Let me introduce it.


A list of this article:


What are the types of PVC pipe fittings?

What do they use separately?


What are the types of PVC pipe fittings?


PVC pipe fittings have adapters, tees, mechanical sleeves, couplings, reducers, elbows, crosses, Plug and Cap, double threaded bushings, valves and so on.


What do they use separately?



The adapter connects different types of pipes. Because one end of the connector can be a male or female connector, it can turn the pipe into a male or female connector.


Ball seat

The tee has an entrance and an exit shaped like the letter "T". These accessories come in different sizes and are considered to be stronger than cross fittings.


Mechanical sleeve

This connects the two pipes by screws or other means. This makes it easy to install the connector. The mechanical sleeve or coupling is usually made of rubber and the rubber is inserted into a metal sleeve (stainless steel clamp).



The union makes it easy to connect two pipes of the same diameter and type. It is also used to repair broken or leaking pipes. In addition to the common coupling, there are two types: compression couplings and sliding couplings.



This device reduces the flow and thus reduces the flow. There are two types of reducers. The concentric reducer connects two tubes on the same axis, and the eccentric reducer is used to connect tubes of different diameters.



Not surprisingly, the bending of this device reminds you of the joints of your arms. They help the water flow change direction. There are several degrees on the elbow, including 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees.



The four ends of the four-way connector have openings for connecting four pipes. The cross joint is equipped with three inlets and one outlet or three outlets and one inlet. Because they are the junction points of the four pipes, they are more stressed than other types of pipe and are generally stronger than others.


Plug and Cap

Both Plug and Cap are used to close the pipe opening during inspection and repair. The main difference is that the plug is male and the plug is female. In most cases, the lid and stopper are threaded. Plug and Cap are made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic or rubber, which can be welded, welded, bonded or threaded into pipes.


Double threaded bushing

This is a nipple, but it has internal and external threads. Because this central hole is threaded from the top and bottom, it is called a double thread. The double threaded bushing is also a reducer, but without the flexibility of the reducer. Double threaded bushings are usually internal threads.



The valve allows adjustment of fluid flow. There are different types, including throttling, checkout, and isolation. The check valve only allows liquid to flow in one direction, usually in the drain. They are also known as check valves. The isolation valve isolates a portion of the piping system for service or maintenance. These valves are either kept open or remain closed. However, because they may need to be used in an emergency, they should be checked from time to time to see if they work.


PVC pipe fittings are a type of pipe that is often used for decoration. Due to the structure of the house during the renovation, the pipe fittings also need to use some pipe fittings with different structures to change the pipe direction for convenient construction. If you have any questions about PVC fittings, please feel free to contact us.

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