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How to bonding the PVC pipe coupling

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Lightweight, durable, versatile, and inexpensive, PVC is a wonder to work with. Used for a wide variety of plumbing tasks in your house and yard, it is the common mode of transportation for cold and hot potable water, as well as sewage/drainage systems. You’ll often encounter it on do-it-yourself plumbing projects, and may later find yourself turning to it for other ‘creative’ home uses. Learning how to join PVC pipe coupling properly can save you a river of future plumbing troubles.


PVC and CPVC are two of the most common PVC types found in your local hardware store. White PVC pipes are most often found in exterior applications, such as sprinklers systems. Beige-toned CPVC is approved by most residential building codes for hot/cold water applications, as well as sprinklers.


The correct operation steps of the bonding of the PVC water coupling are:

1. Using sand paper to coat the inside of PVC tube end and pipe fittings, and some builders in the process of construction do not use sand paper for grinding, or after grinding without towel to wipe clean, which makes the pipe in the process of adhesion left defects, because the pipe will continue to use later, and bear water pressure, the long time will not crack.


2. Wiping off the shavings with clean rag, then smear the glue evenly. In addition, the choice of glue is also very important. It is not possible to choose inferior glue or use overdue glue. This is a hidden danger in the future. Apply the cement to the primed areas on the inside of the fitting and to the outside of the pipe.


3. Finally insert the pipe end into the pipe socket. Slide the pipe into the fitting until it bottoms out against the fitting's shoulder, then give it a ¼-inch turn to spread the glue and speed its cure. If you're attaching a fitting, push it in with the reference marks slightly out of register, and turn the fitting to align the marks. Hold for 30 seconds, then wipe up any excess cement with a dry rag.


In addition to following the above principles, the construction units should also train the plumber to improve its quality, while some pipes and risers should be used as far as possible. PVC tube is thermosetting plastic, its life is generally longer, and it can be used over 45-50 years.


After reading the bonding of the PVC pipe coupling, if you still confuse about these, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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