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How to choose and install PP-R tubes

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PPR pipes are widely used in industrial and residential buildings, sanitary drinking water and hot water heating. PPR pipes are divided into 2 kinds of hot and cold water pipes. Cold water pipe thickness is thin, hot water pipe is thicker. So in the resistance to fracture, hot water pipe performance is much better and the price of hot water pipe is also more expensive than cold water pipe. Many manufacturers for the sake of insurance, the construction process regardless of hot and cold water pipe cracking, improve safety factor.

   The real PP-R pipe shall comply with the standards of GB/T18742-2002 " plastic piping systems for hot and cold water --PP second part of the pipe" fittings shall conform to the requirements of the GB/T18742-2002" PP plastic piping systems for hot and cold water pipe, the third part". The performance of pseudo PP-R pipes and pipe fittings is not through the standard. It should be pointed out that the life of the pseudo PP-R tube is only 1-5 years, and the real PP-R pipe life is more than 50 years.

There are some reasons why you should choose PPR pipes.

1. Good soft PPR pipe, the tube is not easily deformed by extrusion, even if the deformation does not break, and greatly reduce the use of joints.

2. The chemical properties of corrosion resistant, waterproof and scaling PR-R pipes and fittings can resist the erosion of chemical elements in water, and the smooth inner surface can avoid scale formation.

3. High temperature resistant. High pressure resistant PPR pipe under normal temperature to withstand water pressure of 45 kg / square centimeter, tube deformation temperature is 112 degrees celsius.

4. Long-life. PPR pipe anti-aging, the normal role of the mission to more than 50 years.

5. Simple and rapid construction .  PPR pipe fittings’ flexible make the construction  very fast and easy connection (with hot melt machine socket connection), safe and reliable.

6. Economical. Because of simple construction, there is no contradiction with other projects and influence, shorten the construction period, construction costs than copper saving 60%, with superior economy.

How to choose the PPR tubes with different specifications?

1.Pay attention to the determination of the overall utilization coefficient C (safety factor) of the pipeline:

The general situation, if the long-term continuous temperature less than 70 degrees Celsius, can choose C=1.25; on important occasions, and the long-term continuous use temperature more than 70 DEG C, and there may be a long time in high temperature operation, optional C=1.5;  

2, For cold water system (less than or equal to 40 DEG C), can using P.N1.0 - 1.6MPa pipes and fittings ; Use in the hot water system choose more than PN2.0MPa pipes and fittings.

3.In consideration of the above three principles, the SDR of the fittings should not larger than pipe, that is to say, the fittings’ thickness should be no less than the thickness of the pipe at the same size.

How to install PP-R pipe?

1.The hardness and rigidity of the PP-R pipe are lower than the metal tube, so it should be protected in the process of transportation and construction to avoid mechanical damage caused by improper external force. The location of the pipeline should be marked after the concealed coating, so as to avoid the pipeline damaged by the two decoration.

2.PP-R pipe has a certain brittleness below 5 degrees Celsius. Winter construction should be careful and cutting pipe with a sharp cutter should be slowly . It can't press and knock on the pipe after installed. If necessary, cover the parts which are easy to be damaged.

3. The PP-R tube can be aged and degraded by ultraviolet radiation for long time. The dark protective layer must be wrapped in outdoor or direct sunlight.

4, PP-R pipe in conjunction with metal pipe or water use connection with threaded inserts or flanges and other mechanical connections, the rest should be hot melt connection, so that the integration of the pipeline, no leakage point.

5. The coefficient of linear expansion of PP-R pipe is large (0.15mm/m C). The technical measures to prevent the pipeline from expansion deformation must be taken in the case of open or non buried pipe.

6. After pipeline installation, pressure test must be carried out before sealing (directly buried) and covering decorative layer (not buried directly). The test pressure of the cold water pipe is 1.5 times of the working pressure of the system, but not less than 10MPa; the test pressure of the hot water pipe is 2 times of the working pressure, but not less than 1.5MPa. Test time and method technical regulations.

7, When the PP-R pipe is laid on or not buried directly, it is necessary to install the support and hanger according to the regulations.

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