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How to connect PVC pipe to elbow with glue

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PVC pipe is bonded with special glue

The PVC pipe is bonded with special glue. Especially when launching, there is no pressure. Before installation, dry towel or cloth should be used to clean the glue, straight pipe wall and joint wall should be coated with glue, usually an hour after loading can be water test

1. PVC pipe fittings are bonded with self adhesive adhesive. The adhesive must be shaken before use. 2. PVC pipes and sockets must be cleaned up. The smaller the socket clearance, the better to use sand cloth or saw blades to wool the joint surface. The socket is evenly brushed with thin glue once. The socket is brushed twice. After the glue is dried for 40-60 seconds, the socket is inserted into place. At the same time, attention should be paid to increase or decrease the glue drying time according to climate change.                                                                                                    3. Water staining is strictly prohibited when the pipe is bonded. After the pipe is in place, it must be placed flat in the ditch. When the joint is dry, backfilling begins 24 hours later. When backfilling, sand is used to tighten the surrounding of the pipe, leaving the joint part for large-scale backfilling.

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