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How to fix leaking PVC pipe fittings?

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With the rapid development of China's national economy and the promotion of chemical building materials by relevant national ministries and commissions, PVC pipe fittings have been widely used in many fields. PVC pipe fittings have been widely recognized in the fields of water supply, drainage, farmland irrigation and irrigation, etc. due to their low quality, low corrosion resistance, convenient installation, long service life and low fluid resistance. In the process of putting into use, the problem of PVC pipe fittings rupture and water leakage often occurs. Why are these problems occurring? How to solve the problem of water leakage?


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Why is there a water leak?

What should I do if there is a leak in my home?

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Why is there a water leak?


1. The bonding process is unreasonable


(1) Improper selection of adhesive

The quality of the adhesive is unqualified, and some construction workers use adhesives that have expired precipitation. Such adhesives are difficult to achieve the bonding strength of the application.


(2) Improper bonding surface treatment

 The untreated adhesive surface or the unclean surface treatment before bonding will deteriorate the wettability of the adhesive and the bonding surface, thereby reducing the adhesive force, and the effect of softening and dissolving the adhesive during bonding is insufficient.


(3) Excessive brushing

Brush the adhesive should first brush the mouth, the back brush socket, evenly the right amount. When the amount of glue is too much, the excess adhesive will accumulate in the bottom of the PVC pipe, and will not solidify for a long time and continue to penetrate into the inside of the pipe, causing the bottom of the pipe to soften and the local strength to become small. Once the pressure is applied, the water will rupture and leak.


 (4) Short curing time

Some construction workers are often eager to catch up with the construction period and scorn the maintenance time, or some of the pipe fittings have not been subjected to any protective measures after the bonding is completed, and the subsequent application is continued, so that the adhesive is not sufficiently cured and the bonding effect is not satisfactory.


2. Ambient temperature changes

Can not adapt to the expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes in winter and summer to produce cracks or cracks, and then lead to water leakage.


What should I do if there is a leak in my home?


First of all, the PVC pipe fittings valve should be closed first and then the water leakage point should be observed to see what the rupture is.


Secondly, observe the severity of the rupture. If there is only a crack, overflowing from the crack, it is simple. You can go to the hardware store at the door to buy the glue specially used to repair the rupture of the plastic pipe. Be careful not to use the glue casually. Use special glue that does not pollute water quality


Third, if the crack at the rupture is large and it is a hard injury caused by a collision, if it is confirmed that it cannot be sealed with glue, the diameter of the pipe can be measured. Go to the hardware store and buy a joint that just fits at both ends. And the leak will be cut it off, and glue the glue to the ends.


Fourth, after observing that the plastic tube crack has been filled with the whole section, it is not necessary to repair it locally. At this time, either your ability is very strong. You can find a special tool, or you can only find a professional plumbing master.


Fifth, if you find that the PVC pipe fitting has broken and is spraying water, splashing water everywhere, don't panic, close the tap water valve in time, and clean the appliance or electrical outlet after turning off the valve. In the vicinity of the water, to prevent electric shock or damage to the electrical appliances and then find a repairman in time for repairs.


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Fear of leaks, you can not find unprofessional plumbers to install when installing PVC pipe fittings. If there is a problem, follow the steps to calm down. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

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