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How to judge the quality of PVC pipe joints?

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Now we need to know if its quality is up to standard and we need to buy something that passes the test of a security certificate. This will allow us to feel at ease and use it. The control and testing to determine the quality of a pipe is a test of the pipe before it is sold to determine if it is fully suitable for installation, pipelining, etc. PVC pipe joints are the same as other foods, cars, and furniture. Only when the test requirements are met, can the quality label be used, so that it can be used. So what do we do when we choose PVC pipe couplings?


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How to judge the quality of it?

How to buy it?


How to judge the quality of it?


1. Visually check the quality of the PVC pipe joint. The material produced is extracted from petroleum, and the first step of the crude oil is extracted from the fuel. In the second step, there will be some PE or PVC products, and the last step is extracted. It is asphalt. As a result, there will be some petroleum components in the PE or PVC products. This will help us judge whether the quality of PVC pipe is high quality. When observing, you should carefully look at the surface of the PVC pipe. If the surface is very shiny and looks very oily, the quality of such PVC pipe is guaranteed.


2. When producing PVC pipe joints, in order to make it stronger, make it stronger, and some calcium powder will be added in the middle. If too much calcium is added, the tube will become very brittle, so be sure to add the amount of calcium powder when adding. The color of the PVC pipe made by adding an appropriate amount of calcium powder is light beige. If the calcium powder is excessively increased, the pipe will have a white color. According to the color, it can be judged which kind of pipe is a high quality pipe.


3. If the PVC pipe joint is of high quality, whether it is crushed with a car or with a foot, it will only be flat, but it will not crack or even break on its body. The poor quality pipe can be used to step the pipe into pieces.


How to buy it?


1. When purchasing PVC pipe joints, choose a uniform color and the inner and outer walls of the pipe should be very smooth, and have toughness. Such pipes are good quality pipes. If the color of the pipe is white, the color is uneven, and there are small holes on it, it means the quality is very poor.


2. PVC pipe toughness is a very important performance of good quality. It can be judged whether the toughness of the pipe is strong: firstly saw the pipe into a narrow strip with a saw and fold it into 180 degrees. If it is broken at the beginning, it means that it is a poor quality pipe. If it is needed at the fold it can be broken with a lot of strength, which means that the pipe has high toughness, high strength and guaranteed quality.


3. You can judge the quality from the cut surface of the PVC pipe joint. If the cut surface is delicate, the strength and toughness of the pipe are good and the quality is high.


Knowing the method of judging the quality of PVC pipe couplings, you can buy a regular high quality pipe joint. Of course, the most important thing is to look at the test certificate, which is the most secure. If you have any questions about PVC pipe joints, please feel free to contact us and we will answer them for you.

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