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How to protect the frozen plastic(PVC, PPR) water pipe

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One Method is to do a good job of keeping the water pipes warmly.

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  1. You can use the heater. Wrap the heating tapes around the PPR water pipe. Please buy a thermostatic heating tape with professional certification and safety control. To avoid the fire caused by the quality. The effect will be better if you use a heating lamps.

  2. Use a foam rubber insulation to wrap the PPR tube and ensure that there is no gap between the pipe and the insulation. Finally, sealed with a tape and pay attention to keep the insulation dry. But the insulation can not prevent them from freezing. It just plays a role to lower the speed of heat loss in the pipeline.

    heating PVC P-trap and keep the water flow of hot water faucet slowly.jpg

  3. The rubber insulation can also be used to deal with the PVC drainage pipe. Do not ignore the bathroom and kitchen sinks and such pipelines. Because the PVC P-trap has the function of water storage, when the it is cold, it is very necessary to place the heating lamp at the P-trap.

  4. In the cold days, if there are some parts frozen of the cold water pipe at the faucet position, you can use this approach. First of all, keep the water flow of hot water faucet slowly, and enlarge cold water flow. It no need too much water flow, but it will slowly thaw.

    connect the faucet hose.jpg

  5. Put a thermostatic device under the sink, which is freely to set the internal water temperature. The steps to install it: first, disconnect the hot and cold water hose, connect the two pipelines to the inlet, and then connect the faucet hose to the outlet. Finally, connect the power of the equipment. Then it can start work.

  6. It can use an air can set to keep the temperature of all the residential water supply pipeline. Keep the temperature for a long time, and the temperature is much higher than the freezing point. The disadvantage is that the air can is a power consumptive equipment.

    use an air can set symster.jpg

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