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How to tighten PVC pipe fittings and dissolve the PVC pipe

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PVC piping is known to be extremely durable, heat-resistant and long-lasting. Used most commonly in residential and industrial irrigation systems, PVC pipes do require regular maintenance. Tightening PVC pipe fittings and dissolving the PVC pipe are play important roles in the daily use of PVC pipe.

How to tighten PVC pipe fittings

1. before the tube and pipe fittings are bonded, wipe the handle on the side of the socket and the outside of the socket with dry cloth. When the surface is sticky with grease, wipe it clean.

2. pipe section should be smooth, vertical tube axis and chamfering treatment; before bonding, the inserting line and test insert should be drawn and the depth can only be inserted into the original depth of 1/3 ~ 1/2, and the bonding method is strictly prohibited when the clearance is over.

3. smear adhesive, should first smear the inner side of the socket, then apply the outside of the socket, and apply a proper amount on the axis from the inside when smearing the socket, and not overdose or overdose (200g/m2).

4. after applying the adhesive, it is advisable to maintain the external force applied within 1 minutes and keep the straight and correct position of the interface.

5. when the adhesive is finished, remove the excess adhesive from the extruder in time, and not be forced or forced to load during the curing time.

6. adhesive joints shall not be constructed in rain or water, and shall not be operated below 5 C.

7. connection procedure: preparation, cleaning, working face, test inserting, brush adhesive, adhesion and maintenance.

How to dissolve the PVC pipe

If you want to dissolve the PVC pipe, you can do this:

1. Use PVC's pipe cutter to cut a tube or other pipe glued joints as close as possible. If the position of the PVC pipe cutter in the pipe can not be used, because there is not enough space, the hacksaw will easily cut the pipe.

2, cut off the glued joint near the other tube as far as possible if the target is to completely eliminate the chimerism or replace it with a different type of chimera.

3, in addition to the necessary fittings, if the pipeline is cut off. If the connector is a straight chain coupler, a PVC cutter can be used. If it is a three pass or elbow pipe, use a hacksaw. A part of the chimera will keep the incision separate from each end of the pipeline.

4. Grinding residual adhesive parts with coarse wheel angle grinding machine. If it is possible to reuse pipes and other fittings for this reason, be careful, as it may only be removed from the pipe fittings and plastics.

5, if the remaining tube left in the whole decoration is too short to be reusable, it is a simple problem to move back to a few inches, cut the pipe and then use a sticky coupling to add a new tube to the old one a little more than the new cut.

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