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Introduction of PVC pipe sliding joint

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The connection method of PVC pipe mainly includes three kinds of sealing rubber ring, bonding and flange connection. Pipes with a diameter of 100 mm or more generally adopt a rubber ring interface; pipes with a pipe diameter of less than 100 mm generally use bonded joints, and some use live joints. When the pipeline crosses the sewer or other pipelines, the metal pipe is generally used, and the plastic pipe and the metal pipe are flanged. The joints required for these different methods will also be different, so what is the PVC slip coupling? What is it used for?


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What is it?

What is it used for?



What is it?


The PVC sliding joint has an outer bolt groove and an inner bolt groove connected to the two shafts. The bolt groove not only allows the two shafts to rotate together, but also allows the two shafts to move with limited movement along the axis, that is, to cope with the length change of the drive shaft. If the drain is stuck to the waste pipe, this may be a more permanent connection. But if you need to repair the pipe, you will definitely need to cut the pipe. With the swipe connector, you can disconnect and reconnect within a few minutes.


What is it used for?


Typically, part of the waste water piping system is permanently installed because it is rough to complete during installation. After all, some plumbers directly connect the drain pipe to the waste pipe in order to save trouble and effort. Waste water pipes are usually embedded in walls, floors or ceilings and are not visible in the normal living areas of the home.


The building plan requires an appropriate waste pipe location, but the actual sink drain can only be installed after the pool is installed, usually during the construction phase. Each sink is different, and the contractor doing rough piping may not know what type of sink will be installed in the future. This means that the sink drain must be installed together with the permanent waste pipe system in some way.


In the past, metal waste piping systems were usually installed, usually copper, cast iron or brass. Although these materials look strong, over time, they leak due to corrosion failure. PVC pipes are not the same, will not corrode, and are cheaper. It can also be tied to the metal waste water piping system of the old house.


Of course, whether you want to connect a PVC sink drain to a metal or PVC waste pipe system, you can use a PVC slip joint for this process. Permanent wastewater piping systems typically protrude a few inches from a wall or floor. The slip joint adapter looks like a large plastic retaining nut that slides from the sink to the end of the drain. Insert the drain into the permanent waste pipe. The slip joint connection allows the drain to move back and forth so that you can make the correct adjustments and then tighten the adapter to seal the connection.




After you install the PVC slip joint, you will not need to remove all the fittings and do not need to cut in case of damage. You can disconnect it and reconnect it in just a few minutes. But if you connect the drain directly to the waste pipe, it will need to be repaired once it needs to be repaired, and it is expensive.


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