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Is the PVC pipe joint safe?

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I believe that many people will know the synthetic materials of PVC, which is a very popular material in the world, very popular and widely used. Among the various synthetic materials, it ranks second in terms of global use. But everyone thinks plastic is toxic, and everything that is heard in plastic packaging is harmful to humans. Is the PVC pipe coupling safe? Is it really safe to put it in the water pipe at home? Is there a plastic smell that is safe?


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What is the PVC pipe joint?

Is the PVC pipe joint safe?

What are the advantages of PVC pipe joints?

To sum up


What is the PVC pipe joint?


It is a special accessory designed to connect existing pipes. They are sometimes sold as "pipe repair joints". They are mainly used for underground connections. Other types of compression fittings, such as threaded adapters, are also suitable for situations where a device other than a coupling or tee is required. Compression fittings are primarily used for pipe repairs, and compression tees are used to connect new pipes/pipes to existing pipelines.


Is the PVC pipe joint safe?


Plastic pipes such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride, used only for cold water) and CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride for hot and cold water) have existed for many years and are approved for drinking water. However, neither can be described as environmentally friendly from the point of view of production or recycling, and the glue used to join them together also contains some strong solvent. Although the taste usually improves after a few months, there are some concerns about the leaching of chemicals that turn the water into a plastic taste.


However, studies have shown that PVC pipe joints are safe, but because of the plastic taste, it may not be acceptable. However, irrigation as livestock or vegetables is still possible.


What are the advantages of PVC pipe joints?


There are many joint materials, but PVC hose joints are much more stable than ordinary metal pipes. Metal pipes are resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion. Without hoses, various metal pipes often have a variety of corrosion. The use of PVC pipe as a joint is not easy to cause secondary pollution, and its appearance is also very beautiful.


The advantages of the PVC joint are also obvious for pipes of various fluids, because the inner wall is very smooth, the resistance is reduced as much as possible, and the velocity of the fluid is not greatly affected, so that efficient delivery can be achieved. Moreover, the material itself has good resistance to water pressure and impact.


When the metal pipe is used as a joint, it is not only difficult to carry, but also the connection operation is troublesome. It often occurs because the connection is not strong, and the PVC pipe has a low density and a light texture, and a special glue or elastic seal. The kit is easy to install and can be used for 50 years under normal use.


To sum up


Be sure to check the installation before you buy. For example, ensure that the appearance of the PVC joint is free of any damage, hardening or softening. It should also be checked regularly when using joints, usually once a month. It should be noted that the service life of the hose connector is related to various characteristics of the fluid. If abnormality is found, stop using it immediately and replace the new connector. If you need a PVC pipe joint, you can contact us at any time.

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