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Method of detecting the quality of PVC pipe fittings?

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Today, most people know the importance of the controls that any product must implement and determine that its use is legal. The quality control and testing of pipes and PVC pipe fittings refers to the testing of pipes before they are sold to determine whether they are fully applicable to installation, pipeline and other measures.

You will know:

PVC pipe fitting standard

What tests are being performed to determine their quality?

The most common types of tests and controls


PVC pipe fitting standard


A conformance mark that can be requested from any company, assuming that any product has passed some resistance testing and control to ensure that it can withstand the working pressure.


For plastic pipes and PVC pipe fittings, all pipes and PVC pipe fittings are tested to determine if they are within the parameters determined by the specifications and special regulations issued by the CTC 001 (Technical Certification Committee).


What tests are being performed to determine their quality?


First, you should know that testing is done at all stages of the production process. From the moment the raw material is received, the PVC pipe fittings are sent to the customer. These tests were carried out in the manufacturer's factory. They are non-destructive tests performed on randomly selected samples, once every x.


The most common types of tests and controls


Traction resistance and ultimate elongation

The first test was performed by stretching the cut tube until it broke. This traction is accomplished with a dynamometer at a controlled elongation rate. At the moment of tube breakage, the force of the fracture and the percent elongation were recorded. Compare this data to the original size and if the parameters are met, they will be satisfied in the first test.


Heat resistance

As the name implies, the test was carried out at elevated temperatures (150°C) for a defined period of time. This test is performed on the welded fitting to determine the effectiveness of the weld line and there are no internal defects.


Aspect ratio

Perhaps this is the simplest of all the tests; it simply verifies the inside and outside of the pipe to make sure there are no bubbles, vents... the simplest one, but equally important, as a hole, it takes a lot of pressure under pressure Water... will cause a leak.


Dimensional stability

This test involves cutting a tube and marking the two lines at a defined distance. After marking, the pipe was introduced in water at 150 ° C for a determined time. After this time, remove the pipe and measure the distance between the two lines and note the difference (positive or negative) in %.


Size control

The test is carried out periodically throughout the manufacturing process. It includes monitoring the measurement of pipes and fittings by controlling the following parameters.


Wall thickness

Thickness in the cup, length of the cup, medium outer diameter, length of the cutting tube, density.Supervise raw materials and determine the density of the pipeline. This test uses the Archimedes method (accuracy of 0.0001 gr).


This may be interesting for ordinary people, but our inspection of PVC pipe fittings is serious and meticulous, we will ensure that the PVC pipe fittings you purchase do not have problems in installation.

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