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PPR Characteristics And Usage

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PPR Characteristics and Usage

1.Excelent Hygiene : PPR raw materials of polyolefin, the molecules of the only carbon, hydrogen, non-toxic, health and safe and reliable performance

2.Heat insulation: PPR Vicat softening point of 131.3 DEG C, the highest temperature is 95 C, long-term use of a temperature of 70 ℃, can meet the needs of building water supply design specification of hot water system using. The thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.21W / M ℃, only just for the thermal conductivity of 1/200, so it has better thermal insulation properties, used for hot water and heating system can save a lot of energy.

3.Convenient and reliable installation : Has good welding performance, PP-R pipe, pipe fittings used hot melt connection, via thermal container within seconds or minutes to complete. The hot melt connecting pipe, pipe joint portions of the strength is greater than the strength of. PP-R pipeline unique hot melt connection with solvent bonding, elastic sealing pressure and other connection mode of low cost, fast speed, simple operation, safe and reliable, especially suitable for directly buried underground installations, without the need to consider in long-term use process connection will leak.

4. Corrosiveness: PPR pipe and fittings are not the majority of chemical corrosion, can be in many temperature range under the pH in the range of 1-14 high concentrations of acid and alkali corrosion. :

5.Good process : PPR pipes and tube wall smooth, small flow resistance, and not fouling, Mo Zu coefficient of only 0.007, thus reducing the flow loss, increased fluid delivery volume.

6. Antifreezed : PPR material excellent elasticity enables the pipe and pipe section with freeze liquid volume and not split up.

7. Environment Friendly Product : Raw materials can be exempted from recyclable waste on the environmental impact, at the same time in the production, construction, use process has no pollution to the environment.

8. Long used : PPR pipes in the rated operating temperature and pressure service life of 50 years.

9. Light weight : Density 0.89g / cm2 of steel pipe in 1/9, convenient transportation and installation, reducing the cost of colleagues.

10. Good strength : Has good resistance to pressure, external pressure, impact strength.

PPR Application

1. Public and civil construction industry, used for the transportation of cold, hot water

2. Industrial buildings and facilities, is used for conveying water for daily use, oil or corrosive liquids.

3. Applicable to marine aquaculture supplies pipe.

4. Apply to air conditioning ( central air-conditioning) system network.

5. Agricultural, landscape, greening sprinkler pipe.

6. Swimming pool and sports leisure sports facilities system piping.

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