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PVC pipe construction is not a problem in such a hot summer

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With the arrival of the hot summer, if the construction operation is not improper, the PVC water pipes are easily to be deformation and even will be broken in the process of test pressure. According to the years of construction experience from SAM-UK, here listed some notes of the PVC water pipes as following:

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1. When the pipe is stored in the summer, it is easier to make the pipe deformed due to the hot weather. When you put the PVC water pipes together, the height of the PVC water pipes can’t be more than 1.5 meters, and the socket should be staggered.

2. If it will not be in construction in a short time, in order to prevent the PVC water pipes from a long time exposure to the sun and the phenomenon of aging f PVC water pipes. So the PVC water pipes should be covered with shading.

3. When we install PVC water pipes in summer, please pay special attention to the amount of PVC pipe glue. PVC pipe glue volatilizes very quickly in summer, so just connect them immediately after pasting the glue in a closed space. And keep it for 30 seconds after connected then it can be moved. During the PVC pipe connection process, every 50 meters must add a PVC DWV expansion or a flexible coupling. After the use of PVC pipe glue, it should be covered by cap in time to prevent the PVC pipe glue from evaporation because of the high temperature, and influence the effect of adhesion when re-use it.

4. During the construction of PVC DWV expansion in summer, PVC water pipe has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, there should be a certain gap (Φ63mm below about 10mm, Φ75mm-Φ110mm between about 15mm, Φ140mm-Φ160mm between about 20mm, Φ200mm above about 25mm) during the process of connecting PVC DWV expansion.

5. In summer, there are many small animals which may hide in the PVC water pipes, after the installation of pipeline; please pay attention to the part of the cover to prevent the small animals into the internal pipeline and impact the pressure and normal water flow after finish it.

6. It rains much in summer, so it should be timely backfill when the construction of PVC DWV expansion finishes. In order to prevent the collapse of the pipeline gap and affect the normal construction and damage to the body and bringing unnecessary troubles.

7. When backfill the pipeline gap in summer, it must be tamped during this process because of much rain.In order to prevent the holes within the trench, then make the PVC water pipes take unfair pressure and impact its compressive capacity.

8. Before the pipeline pressure test, it should be installed the exhaust valve at the beginning and the end of the PVC water pipeline, test pressure to 500m is appropriate. To increase test pressure slowly and to exhaust gradually, when it reaches at the required hydrostatic pressure, it needs to be static and keep this pressure for 1 hour. The test pressure is 1.5 times as the working pressure.

Pay attention to these notes and hope that you will be all right when you install these PVC water pipes. Save the PVC DWV expansion and the PVC pipe glue because the quality of these things will directly affect the installation of the PVC water pipes.

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