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PVC pipe fittings application status and development trend

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As the application range of pipe fittings in production continues to expand, PVC pipe fittings are currently favored by social consumers. The following article analyzes the application status and development trends of PVC pipes.


Application degree




Application degree


Among the many PVC products, PVC pipes and fittings are in a rapid growth trend in China, and are also the most consumed varieties in various plastic pipes. China's PVC pipe fittings have been promoted and promoted in recent years, especially the support of relevant national policies. The production and application of PVC pipe fittings have made great progress. The output of PVC pipe fittings has accounted for more than 30% of the total output of plastic pipes. It is widely used in industry, construction, Agriculture and many other industries.




In general-purpose resin production, PVC resin consumes the lowest amount of ethylene and has the lowest production cost. Domestic production of PVC per ton of PVC requires 0.5314 tons, while the average consumption of ethylene per ton of polyethylene is 1.042 tons. The ethylene consumption per ton of PVC resin in China is about 50% less than that of polyethylene. The production of chlorine, a raw material for PVC, is an important way to balance the production of chlorine by caustic soda.Caustic soda is an important raw material of national economy. In addition, from the point of view of plastic products, PVC and a variety of additives have good compatibility, and in the production of pipe fittings can add a large number of low-cost fillers, thus greatly reducing the production cost.


Compared with metal pipes, the energy consumption of PVC pipes per cubic meter of steel and aluminum, cubic steel and aluminum, is 316KJ/m3 for steel, 619KJ/m3 for aluminum and 70KJ/m3 for PVC. That is, the energy consumption of steel is 4.5 times that of PVC, and that of aluminum is 8.8 times that of PVC.The processing energy consumption for the production of PVC pipe fittings is only one-third of that of the same-diameter metal pipe. At the same time, because the PVC pipe wall is smooth, no corrosion is formed, the water delivery efficiency is high, and the infusion can save about 20% of electricity.


PVC pipe fittings have good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. They are light in weight, easy to install and require no maintenance. Steel pipes used for public works are corroded and must be corroded during use. Coatings are often applied and maintenance costs are high. The metal pipes for general construction and public works need to be replaced in about 20 years, and the pvc pipe fittings with good processing capacity have a service life of 50 years. Therefore, the pvc pipe fitting is a good plastic product with low production cost and high corrosion resistance. In terms of sewage, wastewater and steel-plastic pipe ventilation pipes, pvc pipes save about 16-37% compared with the use of cast iron pipes, and save the cost by 30-33% compared with the use of metal wire casings; The vinyl chloride pvc pipe has a cost saving of 23-44% in terms of hot and cold water than using the same size copper pipe. Therefore, due to the advantages of pvc pipe fittings, all countries are actively developing and promoting pvc pipe fittings.




As one of the technological development products, PVC pipe fittings are essential for daily life. In 1985, the output of plastic pipes in the United States was 1.6 million tons. In 1999, the output was about 3.6 million tons, of which PVC pipes accounted for 78%. China's first UPVV flare tube was born in Shenyang Plastics Factory in 1983. Since then, China has the production capacity of PVC pipes and drain pipes. In Europe, from 1980 to 1990, the growth rate of plastic pipes was 8%, and the output in 2001 was 3.5 million tons, of which PVC pipes accounted for 60%. The late 1990s was a period of rapid development of PVC pipe fittings in mainland China. During the period, some factories with an annual output of more than 50,000 tons were completed and put into operation, and more than 30 PVC pipe factories with a production capacity of more than 10,000 tons were built.


Based on the above analysis, it can be said that PVC pipe fittings and pipes have been in a popular state for a long time. Since there is no pipeline superior to PVC materials, the key development prospects of PVC can be said to be very good.

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