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The Early History of PVC Pipe

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“Many of you've got expressed a curiosity PVC pipe concerning the historical development of PVC pipe. In response to your requests, we offer you with this transient early history of PVC pipe and 

fittings.  PVC was discovered as early as 1835, however the primary definite report of the chemical process of vinyl chloride failed to come back till concerning thirty five years later. At that point, the fabric was reported to be AN off-white solid that might be heated to a hundred thirty degrees C while not degradation. 


PVC remained a laboratory curiosity for several years, most likely owing to its untamed 

nature. The chemical compound was inert to most chemicals and really powerful (strong). These properties eventually semiconductor diode scientists to think about PVC for applications wherever sturdiness and toughness were fascinating. 


In 1912 the primary industrial developments were initiated in Germany. Throughout the 

1920’s, tries were created to use PVC copolymers that easier to method than PVC. These 

early tries were solely marginally booming. 


By 1932, the primary tubes made up of a PVC polymer were created. Nearly 3 years 

later the primary PVC pipes were created employing a roll mill and hydraulic extruder. This two step method concerned melting the PVC powder on a roll mill and rolling the sheet created up to a billet. The PVC may then be processed during a discontinuously operating ram 

extruder to create pipe. This method was custom-made from that used for celluloid and was 

really ill-fitted for PVC. As a result, the merchandise were usually of dubious quality. 


Never-the-less, these early PVC pipes were deemed appropriate for drinkable offer 

piping and waste water piping owing to their chemical resistance, lack of style or odor 

and swish interior surface. From 1936 to 1939 over four hundred residences were put in with 

PVC drinkable and waste pipelines in central Germany. varied take a look at pipelines of 

PVC were set in urban center, Dresden, Magdeburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Heidelberg 

and urban center throughout the amount of 1936 to 1941. 


Both the pipelines for chemicals and people for installation and waste water came up to 

expectations, as did the take a look at pipelines within the cities mentioned on top of, with the exception of harm caused by war II. The PVC pipes put in in central Germany square measure still in use nowadays without any major issues. 


In retrospect, these 1st PVC pipes had been created before their time, before the fabric 

compounds and machines for his or her manufacture had been formed. it absolutely was not till 1950 that the systematic development of extrusion technology began. before this, the 

manufacture of PVC pipe remained makeshift and also the use of PVC pipes failed to become 



The 1950’s and 1960’s were decades of dramatic advances for PVC pipe and fittings 

technology. inspired by the results obtained from primitive pre-war PVC pipelines, 

several European and yank corporations realised the large potential for PVC pipes. 

These corporations pursued the technology, each in formulation and process. Systematic 

research and trials were booming within the development of effective stabilizers, lubricants 

and process aids, along side process machinery designed specifically for PVC. 

During this point amount, PVC pipe began competitory with ancient merchandise during a range of major markets, such as: gas distribution; sewer and drainage; water distribution; 

electrical conduit; chemical processing; and drain, waste and vent piping.”

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