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The difference between PVC pipe fittings and PE pipe fittings

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The main component of PVC pipe fittings is polyethylene pipe, which is added with other components to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. It can also be divided into ordinary hard poly-recorded ethylene, additive UPVC pipe fittings and chlorinated PVC pipe fittings with good heat resistance. PE is a polyethylene plastic, the most basic kind of plastic, plastic bags, cling film, etc. are PE, HDPE is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. PE pipes are medium density polyethylene pipes and high density polyethylene pipes. Let us talk about the difference between PVC pipe fittings and PE pipe fittings.


The content list of the article:


Their advantages are different

Their disadvantages

Different ways of connecting them



Their advantages are different


PVC pipe fittings

(1)  It is insoluble in petroleum, mineral oil and other non-polar solvents, and can withstand general acid and alkali corrosion.

(2)  Good self-extinguishing performance.

(3)  It meets the strict requirements of drinking water and drinking water, which meets the drinking water hygiene index.

(4)  The general price is 30% cheaper than galvanized pipe, 40% cheaper than ductile iron pipe, plus the light weight of the product, easy construction, and the total cost of the project is at least 20%.

(5)  The most complete technical standards

(6)  Product specifications up to

(7)  The inner diameter is smooth, reducing the energy consumption of water delivery.


PE pipe fittings

(1)  Good low temperature performance

(2)  Anti-mechanical vibration

(3)  Good toughness, can be coiled


Their disadvantages


PVC pipe fittings

(1)  It should not be used as a hot water pipe, but it can be used as a domestic water supply pipe, but it should not be used as a direct drinking water supply pipe.

(2)  Easy to be brittle when impacted.

(3)  Some low-quality counterfeit UPVC pipes have added plasticizers in their production, which can cause media contamination and greatly shorten the aging period of UPVC pipes.


PE pipe fittings

(1)  The melting point is 100 to 130 degrees Celsius. It is not suitable for hot water pipes. It should be used for working temperature not higher than 40 °C.

(2)  Easy stress cracking, not easy to dye. Scope of application: Suitable as a cold water pipe, widely used as drinking water pipes and rainwater pipes.


Different ways of connecting them


PVC pipe fittings

(1)  Bonded connection (rigid connection).

(2)  Elastomeric seal connection (flexible connection).

(3)  Flange connection.


PE pipe fittings

(1)  When the electrofusion connection is connected by the same thermoplastic pipe, a special electrofusion pipe member is inserted, and the electrofusion pipe member is energized by the electrofusion coupling device, and the required heat is generated by the electric wire pre-embedded inside the electrofusion pipe member to weld. After cooling, the pipe and the electrofusion pipe are connected as a whole.

(2)  Hot-melt connection When the pipe made of the same thermoplastic material is connected to the pipe fittings, the surface of the joint portion is heated by a special hot-melt machine, and the body materials at the joint contact surfaces are fused to each other, and are cooled and connected to form a whole. The hot melt connection has a butt-type hot melt connection, a socket type hot melt connection, and an electrofusion connection.




PVC pipe fittings have good tensile and compressive strength, low fluid resistance, good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and good water tightness. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of PVC pipe fittings, if you have any questions, you can always consult us. We will have someone to answer your questions.

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