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The use of PVC Compression Coupling

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The PVC compression coupling is a relatively simple but effective way of repairing a damaged pipe. However, in order to make the PVC pipe can service for you for a long time, you still need to notice some details of the installation to lengthen its use life.

1.The way to restore damaged PVC pipe

The PVC compression coupling is a relatively simple but effective way of repairing a damaged pipe. Because there is no need for any other auxiliary tools, such as professional measuring tools, professional equipment, etc. There is no need for professional skills and it saves a lot of time, too. But the PVC compression coupling also has drawbacks, that is the limited pressure value, in other words, is to use this method to repair the PVC pipe, only for use on the ground, not put high pressure underground or in deep water use.

PVC compression coupling

2.What You Need to Prepare The Broken Pipe

Please prepare a PVC compression coupling, Polyvinyl chloride glue, two vices, a clean rag, and PVC pipe cut machine.

repair pipe tools

3. Prepare The Pipe

From the damaged PVC pipe, use a tube cutting tool to cut about 1 inch of the space so that the PVC quick couplings can be placed. Before installing the quick union, clean the powder at the ends of the PVC pipe.

PVC broken pipe

4. Nuts And Washers

Slide Ends Into Place: Remove the ends of the quick coupling, place one end of the quick joint PVC on the pipe, and then fix the rubber trap in the quick joint on the same PVC pipe. The other end of the pipe does the same.

Note: Make sure that the rubber ring is slid in place before tightening the nut so that a perfect sealing ring can be formed.



5. Align The Coupling

Next, align the quick couplings to the tube, and note that the center of the quick joint must be aligned with the gap in the PVC pipe.

6. Tighten And Check Seal

Prepare two vise, use one to secure the PVC compression socket, and tighten the ends of the product with another vise.

Note: Do not tighten too much, because it is easy to break the thread.

Finally check for leaks, and then you'll be able to use the PVC pipe properly.


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