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Use four PVC 90 degree elbows to repair the pipe

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PVC 90 degree elbow can change the direction of flow by 90 deg. Two ends are connected the same size PVC pipe plumbing.

Multiple elbows can be used together in combination. For example, the following situation: pipe fixed, pipe and tee at the junction of damage, moving range is small.

There may be many ways to solve this problem of pipeline damage,such us mechanical joint couplings is a solid way to join pipe, but this is much more expensive, then the following describes elbow to repair the pipe.

Prepare materials: four 1inch 90 degree elbow, one meter 1 inch plumbing pipe, cut, pipe glue

The above materials can be bought to the building hardware store, there are many brands to choose from, such as SAM-UK, etc.


Step 1: cut off the damaged parts of the pipeline, including PVC pipe tee.

In the pipe damage at both ends of the appropriate location of the cut.


Step 2: Install two PVC elbows

First of all, the original PVC pipe at both ends of the installation of a elbow, there is a note to note that the two elbows parallel to the same direction.


Step 3: Connect the 90 degree elbow to the new pipe

First saw the ends of the same length of the pipeline. The other two elbow installation, to parallel counterparts. And then check the pipe again to determine the required length. Finally, to determine the pipe and elbow connection, the use of PVC glue fixed molding.

If you want to install the nozzle or branch water in this position, you can use PVC reducing tee or equal tee, as shown below.


Some people may think that this method will make water pressure loss. In fact, using four 90 degree elbow, certainly more friction than the use of coupling, the pressure loss is also more, but in practical applications, the nozzle performance did not lose pressure.

But we also have to consider the issue of water pressure and flow rate, velocity needs to be less than 8 fps. pressure is <80 psi as per code, can be used.

This use of PVC 90 degree elbow method, there is a benefit, because the temperature difference, PVC pipe there is hot and cold shrinkage phenomenon,this will additionally allow for some expansion and contraction in the piping run.

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