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What are PVC Pipes?

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What are the types of PVC pipes?

The types of PVC pipe joints are straight. The diameter of PVC tube can be adjusted. There are three links, three diameters, 90 degrees elbows, 45 degrees elbow, four links, four diameters and four s pipes. The type of PVC pipe fittings is Model 20-500.


PVC tube features:

1. The PVC pipe has better tensile and compressive strength. But its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes.

2. The fluid resistance of PVC pipes is smaller. The tube wall of PVC-U pipe is so smooth that the resistance to the fluid is very small. The roughness coefficient of PVC pipe is only 0.009. So its water transport capacity can be increased by 20% than the same pipe diameter cast iron pipe, and 40% higher than that of the concrete pipe.

3. The corrosion resistance and character resistance is excellent. PVC-U pipe has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. PVC-U pipe will not be affected by moisture and soil pH. And PVC-U pipe can stay in pipeline laying without any antiseptic treatment.

4. PVC tube has good water tightness. The installation of PVC-U pipes, regardless of whether they are bonded or rubber rings, has good waterproof.

5. PVC Pipe Fittings have close bite: PVC-U tube is not a nutrient source, so it will not be eroded by rodents. According to the experiments conducted by the National Health Foundation in Michigan, rats do not bite PVC-U pipes.


PVC pipe fittings identification method:

1: First of all, look at the surface finish and the whiteness.

2: Take samples. If the sample is easy to break,then it is generally high calcium product. Of course, if the price is appropriate,the PVC pipe will meet your requirements.

3: Take the sample on the side of the pipe to watch it will split or break down after elongation or not. Generally, you have to wrap up the pipeline first. Otherwise people will not let you step on it.


PVC pipe material has been regarded as the first choice of pipe material in the architectural circle, and PVC pipe is widely used in various fields. It can be fully embodied in the waterway system from its own characteristics.

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