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What are PVC fittings?

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With the development of society, PVC pipe fittings have been recognized in many fields because of their good performance, and have been widely used in production. In addition, the development prospects of PVC industry are generally good, because this kind of plastic pipe has good performance and huge market potential, so the future application prospects will be very optimistic. So, what is PVC pipe fittings? What are the advantages of this material? Here, we make a brief introduction, hoping to help more people understand PVC pipe fittings and other related products.


The discussion points are as follows:

✉ What is pvc accessories

✉ Type of pvc accessories

✉ Advantages of pvc accessories

✉ In conclusion


What is pvc accessories

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is an initiator of vinyl chloride monomers such as peroxides and azo compounds, or a polymer synthesized by free radical polymerization under the action of light and heat. PVC has unique properties: rain-proof, fire-proof, antistatic, easy to shape. Therefore, PVC pipe fittings have the following advantages: light weight, hygienic and non-toxic, good heat resistance (working water temperature 70 degrees, softening temperature 140 degrees), long service life, good corrosion resistance, etc. Therefore, they are also widely used in various industries.


Type of pvc accessories

The types of PVC pipe fittings are: pipe cap, core repair, main 3-way, different diameter 3-way, through joint, 90 degree elbow, according to order, ball valve, flange joint, etc.


1. Tube cap: Used to close the end of the pipeline, with the same function as the plug.


2. Core filling: used to connect two pipes with different diameters.


3. Straight-through joint: used to connect two pipes of the same diameter.


4. Three-way and different connection modes: root canal, shunt or confluence can be connected.


5.90 degree elbow: When the pipe with the same outer diameter forms 90 degrees, this kind of pipe fittings is needed.


6.According to the order: for connecting different materials of pipeline or pump interface, easy to disassemble.


7.Ball valve: same installation and order. They can be disassembled and flow can be controlled. Manual and pneumatic ball valves are usually used.


8. Flange Joints: Mainly used for connecting pipes of different materials with the same outer diameter, or for connecting pipes.


Advantages of pvc accessories

As a popular pipe material in the market, especially PVC pipe fittings, they have the following advantages:


(1) Green environmental protection

PVC pipe is the main raw material for the production of PVC pipe fittings. PVC is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and renewable resource. It has been widely used in people's daily life, such as tableware, medical infusion bags and so on. Don't worry about its environmental protection.


(2) Ultra-light and ultra-thin

PVC pipes are only 2-3 mm thick, weighing only 2-3 kg per square metre, lacking 10% of the common floor materials. In high-rise buildings, bearing capacity and space saving have incomparable advantages.


(3) At the same time, it has special advantages in renovation of old buildings. Super abrasion resistance: PVC floor surface has a special high-tech processing opening abrasion resistance, its abrasion resistance can reach 300,000 revolutions. In traditional floor materials, wear-resistant laminate flooring has only 13,000 revolutions, while good laminate flooring has only 20,000 revolutions.


Because of these outstanding advantages, PVC pipe fittings will be widely used. It is now used to manufacture gas and liquid pipelines, exhaust emissions and detoxification towers in the textile and chemical industries. It can also replace other corrosion resistant materials to manufacture tanks, centrifugal pumps, fans and joints. It has higher mechanical strength and better corrosion resistance. It has high elongation, soft product, good corrosion resistance and electrical insulation. It is usually made of thin film, can also be used to make cable packaging, acid and alkali hoses, insulation layer, etc.


In conclusion

With the development of social economy, PVC pipe fittings are mainly used in industry, agriculture, household appliances, automobiles, buildings, garden irrigation and many other fields. The application of PVC pipe fittings has shown a rapid development trend. We believe that in the future development, this kind of pipe fittings will surely get better development. If you want to know more about PVC pipe fittings, please consult us in time, we will give you the most satisfactory answer.

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