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What are the PVC pipe fittings?

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Below is a list of some of the most commonly used PVC pipe fittings. Each entry contains a description of the fit and its possible uses and applications. For more information on these PVC pipe fittings, please visit their respective product pages. It's important to remember that each accessory has countless iterations and uses, so keep this in mind when purchasing PVC pipe fittings.

PVC Pipe Tee

PVC pipe tees are three-end fittings, two are straight lines and one is a 90-degree angle. The PVC pipe tee allows the line to be split into two separate lines with a 90 degree connection. In addition, the PVC pipe tee can connect two lines into one main line. They are also often used in PVC construction. The PVC pipe tee is a very versatile accessory and is the most widely used component in piping. Most PVC pipe tees have sliding socket ends, but are available in threaded versions.



PVC Pipe Elbow

If you need your piping system to turn or detour, you need to bend your pipe with a PVC pipe elbow. The PVC pipe elbows are most commonly used at 90 degrees PVC elbow and 45 degrees PVC elbow, so you can orient the pipe as needed. The side elbows are slightly different parts and are often used as corners in projects such as canopies, tents, displays and boxes. They have three instead of two. Most PVC pipe elbows have sliding socket ends, but are available in threaded versions.

PVC Pipe Couplings

PVC pipe couplings are one of the simplest (and cheaper) types of PVC fittings. They are a small part that usually permanently connects or "couples" one part to another. They can connect pipes to pipes, pipes to fittings, and even to fittings. Some of them are even reduced, so you can connect a small tube to a large tube and vice versa. The PVC pipe coupling can be supplied with a sliding or internally threaded end depending on your needs.

PVC Pipe Cross

The PVC pipe cross is a slightly less common joint that can be connected to four sections. They have four sliding connections (S x S x S x S) that intersect at an angle of 90 degrees to form an "plus" shape. PVC cross fittings are typically used when making frames from PVC pipes. The PVC pipe cross can add a lot of structural integrity to the frame. They can also be used to distribute fluid flow in different directions.

PVC Pipe Cap

The PVC pipe cap has a very simple job: stop the flow. They are placed at the end of the pipe that does not need to be connected to another pipe. They can stop the pipeline you plan to expand later, or give you easy access to the system when needed. They can also add a finished look to the pipe in a PVC building project. The lids are around or outside the pipe so they can have socket or female thread ends.

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