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What are the connection type of PVC pipe fittings?

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Do you know how the pipes and PVC fittings you are going to use are connected? If you can't connect them well and they can't complete the task for your work, the following article will explain how PVC fittings are connected.

Here is what you need to know:

Way of connection

Method of repairing



Way of connection


l  The first step - cutting and installing pvc fittings and pipes

To install a PVC pipe fitting coupling, it is important that the size or diameter of your PVC pipe fitting and fittings are complementary. This is important so that the pipe can be properly installed through the PVC pipe fitting joint. In addition, a perfect fit also prevents pipe leaks. Before connecting the pipe fittings, measure the pipe and then cut the pipe with a hacksaw to clean all the shavings and inner burrs to avoid any obstacles to the installation of the coupling. Use sandpaper to clean the edges of the tube.


l  The second step - Further clean the PVC fittings and pipes to remove debris

Use a common pipe cleaner to remove excess stubborn dirt attached to the pipe. This step is very important. Dirt that sticks to the edges of the pipe can cause problems when installing the pipe joints.


l  The third step - cement pipe coupling

Once everything has been cleaned, prepare clean pipes and PVC fittings to join them. Before you do this, it's important to know that PVC cement condenses very fast, so you need to handle it with a quick hand. The inner surface of the PVC pipe fitting is coated with cement, and the PVC pipe fitting is quickly inserted to rotate in any direction to ensure that the cement completely covers the PVC pipe fitting and the PVC pipe fitting. Check that the pipe is properly installed on the fitting before fixing the pipe to dryness.


l  The fourth step - Connect the pipe and connect to the pipe or the rest of the HVAC system

Once the PVC fittings and tubes are glued together, the adhesive is dry. The next thing you need to do is to connect everything, but before you do, make sure you work with stable and fast hands, and Make sure your surroundings are neat so that the tube fits well with your fittings.


Method of repairing


Now that you have made the connection, if you don't do the correct operation during the connection process, then there is a possibility that there will be problems later, then you will have to repair it. PVC is a very easy to use and versatile pipe material. It can be easily cut with a black saw and attached to the plumber's cement or plumber's tape. As a result, it is easy to repair existing pipes under the sink and elsewhere in the home.


Almost any home improvement center or hardware store is easy to buy accessories, and they are usually very cheap. There are a variety of accessories, including s curves, valves, screw joints and more. In many cases, tightening the fitting requires only the use of a screw joint or the use of one or two plumber's tape and screwing the tube onto the tape.


If existing PVC fittings or pipes are found to leak, determine if they are cracked or if the problem is present at the fitting. Remove the problematic pipe by cutting off the water and then cutting off the pipe section. You can connect new pipe sections by adding a screw clamp at each end of the new fitting. Wrap the wire with the plumber's tape and firmly tighten the screw clamp into place.




PVC pipe fittings are necessary for the piping system to work properly, so PVC pipe fittings and pipes are very important, they can be said to be systemic veins and arteries. That's why it's important to choose the right connection for them, otherwise the entire pipeline and system won't work. Installing these PVC fittings can be as easy as you follow the guidelines on how to do it correctly.

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