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What are the selection methods for PVC pipes?

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PVC pipe is an essential part of hydropower engineering and it is used to protect wires. Because of the protection of the line tube, the line can be laid. The live line is that the wire can be twitched. If the wire does not enter the pipe, the cement mortar is directly placed on it, and the wire is bonded to the cement mortar, and it cannot be twitched at all. This brought a lot of inconvenience to the subsequent daily maintenance and repair. In the future, if you want to repair, you can only remove the cement, which is too much trouble. Therefore, the use of PVC pipe is very important, and PVC pipe couplings are also very important. Let's talk about how to pick them.


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How to choose?

Special reminder

In conclusion


How to choose?


1. Look at the certificate, the method of inspection is very simple, take a small section to burn with a fire, easy to burn deformation, the quality will not be good.

2. See if the appearance is smooth, qualified PVC pipe, the surface of the inner and outer pipe walls should be smooth, the appearance is rough and the quality is not good.

3. Look at the thickness of the pipe wall. The thicker the pipe thread, the better. According to the national standard, the pipe wall thickness of the threading pipe reaches 1.2mm, the strength should reach the degree of not breaking by hand, and the thick wire should be selected.

4. Look at the pressure resistance, qualified threading pipe, even if people stand on it will not 瘪


Special reminder


1. According to international standards, the total cross-sectional area of the wires in the PVC pipe shall not exceed 40% of the cross-sectional area of the threading pipe. For specific construction, it is advisable to pull each wire in the pipe so that it can be repaired and replaced in the future.

2. In the PVC pipe, the strong and weak electric pipes should be separated, and the wires must have a certain distance from the gas pipes. The wiring should be horizontal and vertical, and strictly follow the instructions of the drawings to avoid other objects that need to pass through the wall.

3. The PVC pipe must be locked with a lock to prevent the wires from coming into contact with the building and wearing the wires, causing leakage or short circuit accidents.

4. If the direct method is used at the link of the two threading pipes, be sure to apply PVC glue to prevent dislocation.

5. The diameter of the wire pipe elbow should be 6 times of the relevant wire diameter. Try to bend the arc a little to facilitate the threading. It is also convenient to upgrade or repair the line in the future.

6. The installation and construction standards stipulate that after the completion of the circuit transformation, the quality inspection and acceptance shall be carried out, and the acceptance records shall be made. The irregular construction team often has no electrical concealment records.


In conclusion


The PVC pipe is to protect against the damage of the insulation layer of the wire, and the cement will corrode the insulation layer of the wire, causing the wire to be short-circuited. The wire tube can also play a role in preventing the spread of the flame, and the PVC pipe made of the flame retardant material can play a very good role. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good PVC pipe and PVC pipe joint. I hope that you can learn how to choose from this article. If you still have problems, you can always consult us.

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