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What does the PVC hose fitting do?

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With the development of economy, PVC hose has been widely used in daily life. PVC pipe is praised by engineering circles for its light weight, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, safety and convenience. In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic economy, the development of PVC pipeline in China is very rapid. However, the best PVC hose can not be separated from the help of joints, only the correct use of pvc pipe coupling, in order to make it play a greater role. So, what is the function of pvc pipe coupling? Or what benefits does it bring us? Here's a brief introduction.


The points are as follows:

✉ What is a PVC hose

✉ Advantages of pvc hose couplings

✉ The role of pvc pipe coupling

✉ Conclusion


What is a PVC hose

PVC hose is made of PVC resin with a large number of plasticizers and a certain amount of stabilizers and other additives, and then extruded. Soft PVC pipes have excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, good softness and coloring. This kind of pipe is often used to transport liquid and corrosive medium instead of rubber pipe. It can also be used as cable sleeve and wire insulation.


Advantages of pvc hose couplings

In our living environment, there are many kinds of pipelines, such as water, electricity and so on. Any pipe has an interface. This is a very important part. If there is any negligence in the alliance, it may have a serious impact on people's lives. So we should pay attention to it. Generally speaking, pvc pipe coupling are very common. Because it has many advantages, it can ensure that the connection of the pipeline is solid, so let's see that the connection is good.


(1) There are many materials for joints, but they are more stable than ordinary metal pipes. Metal pipes do not have good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. All kinds of metal pipes are often corroded. PVC pipes as joints are not easy to pollute, and their appearance is also beautiful.


(2) For all kinds of fluid pipelines, the advantages of pvc pipe coupling are also obvious, because its inner wall is very smooth, reducing resistance as far as possible, and the speed of fluid will not be affected too much, so effective transportation can be achieved, and the material itself has good water pressure resistance, impact resistance and other properties.

(3) As a joint, the metal pipe is not only laborious to handle, but also troublesome to connect. Problems often arise because of weak connections. PVC pipe has low density, light texture, special adhesive or elastic sealant socket, easy installation and high strength in normal use. The effective service life can reach 50 years.


If you need this product, you must pay attention to the quality. After all, pipeline connection is very important. If you encounter sub-optimal products, it will cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing, we should pay attention to choosing large brands and observe whether all kinds of qualified product certificates are complete.


The role of pvc pipe coupling

With the development of economy, the pvc pipe coupling industry has absorbent pipes, which are especially suitable for solid materials such as dust, powder, fibre, debris and particles; gaseous and liquid media, vacuum cleaner, conveying system, blower and compressor, food and medicine industry, chemical industry; air conditioning and ventilation equipment. But no good PVC hose can be separated from the connection of the PVC hose joint. Only the correct use of joints can play a better role. Although PVC hoses are widely used, several points should be paid attention to when they are used.

1. When conveying, the conveying temperature should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius.


2. When installing PVC hose joints, if frequent collisions occur, the pipeline must be properly concealed or corresponding protective measures should be taken.


3. Installation must be away from heat sources. After installation, it needs to be refreshed.



This shows that the use of PVC hoses has brought unprecedented benefits to our life and development. In the development process, the function of pvc pipe coupling can not be ignored. If you have any questions about pvc pipe coupling or hoses, please consult us in time.

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