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What is a PVC street slip elbow?

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The main component of PVC pipe fittings is polyvinyl chloride, and some other components are added to enhance the heat resistance, toughness and ductility of the composite material. PVC pipe fittings are popular, popular and widely used because of their advantages. What are the accessories? What's the effect? Let's take a look at the PVC street slip elbow, which is one of the pipe fittings used to connect a length of pipe and another fitting at an angle. The difference between a street elbow and a regular elbow is the gender of its two connections. Let's talk about what it is, as well as its applications and restrictions.


The content list of this article:

What is the role of street bends?

Application of it

Restrictions of it

In conclusion


What is the role of street bends?


A typical elbow has an internally threaded joint at each end so it can be connected to two other threaded tubes. Each end of the elbow can be a hub for connecting a straight tube or having an internal thread for connecting an externally threaded tube. However, the PVC street slip elbow has an internally threaded joint at one end and an externally threaded joint at the other end. This joint can be either straight or threaded. Therefore, it also has the advantage that it can be directly connected to another accessory and does not require the use of other short connectors, such as pipe joints.


Application of it


PVC street bends are available in 90°, 45° and 22.5° bends and can be used in many pipe applications. It can be used to connect other parts of the pipe section, and can be used for water supply pipes, drainage pipes, central vacuum system pipes, HVAC pipes, sewer pipes, compressed air and gas pipes, sump pump drain pipes, and vent pipes. It is used for these pipes because it has good tensile and compressive strength. Of course, it also has a small fluid resistance, good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and also has the advantage of good water tightness.


Restrictions of it


Although PVC joint pipes can be used in a wide range of applications, they also have certain limitations. It is not possible to install in any application where usage is limited. For example, Canadian regulations explicitly prohibit the use of joint pipe fittings on natural gas and propane units. This is not arbitrarily prohibited. It is also for a certain reason.


Pipes that use street bends and tees can make alignment of the pipes particularly difficult. Because these PVC pipe fittings have a male threaded end and a female threaded end. If the direction of the pipe is difficult to match the position of the joint, it will cause the pipe to leak in order to align the pipe connection. Once these things are leaked, they will be out of control and cause great problems.


In conclusion


PVC pipes are a popular material in the world that is popular, popular, and widely used. Its global use ranks second among various synthetic materials. But it must be so popular that it has its deep benefits. Therefore, the use of PVC pipe fittings must also be very beneficial. They have good tensile and compressive strength; low fluid resistance; excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance; good water tightness; anti-bite and so on. If you have any questions about PVC fittings, feel free to ask us.

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