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What is the 90 and 45 degress PVC pipe elbow dimensions?

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In a piping system, an elbow is a pipe that changes the direction of the pipe. According to the angle, there are three most commonly used 45°, 90° and 180°, and other abnormal angle elbows such as 60° are also included according to engineering needs. Here we introduce you to the 45 degree PVC pipe elbow and the 90 degree PVC pipe elbow.



How to distinguish between 90 degree PVC pipe elbow and 45 degree PVC pipe elbow?

1. Visual inspection: The extension of the two nozzles of the 90 degree elbow is vertical, while the extension of the two nozzles of the 45 degree elbow intersects at an acute angle.

2. Look at the takeover: a 90 degree elbow is formed by a right angle after the two sides of the elbow, and an obtuse angle is formed after the 45 degree elbow is connected on both sides.

How to measure the height of a 45 degree PVC pipe elbow?

When the elbow is not standard, the height of the 45° bend should be equal to the bend radius multiplied by 0.707 (sin45°). The length of the 45 degree elbow is multiplied by the bending radius tan 22.5° (ie half of the elbow) and the result is the length of the elbow. If the bend radius is equal to 150, the height is 150 x 0.707 = 106.07.

What is the size of the 90 degree PVC pipe elbow?

The 90 degree PVC elbow size is generally calculated according to the diameter of the known pipe, and the bending radius is usually 1.5 times the diameter. Depending on the model, the 90-degree PVC elbow size varies, and its length and length are also different. The larger the nominal 90 degree PVC elbow, the larger its size. If you want to know the specific data of the 90 degree PVC elbow size, it is recommended to consult the relevant website.

When we consider the size of the elbow, we should consider factors such as electrofusion elbow size, weight lbs, box quantity, part number manufacturer reference.

Advantages of PVC pipes

1. it has better tensile and compressive strength: but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes.

2. Low fluid resistance: PVC-U pipe wall is very smooth, the resistance to fluid is very small, its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, its water transfer capacity can be compared with the same diameter of cast iron pipe increased by 20%, than the concrete pipe increased by 40%.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance and drug resistance: PVC-U pipe has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, not affected by moisture and soil acidity, pipeline laying without any anti-corrosion treatment.

4. Good water tightness: PVC-U pipe installation, whether using adhesive or rubber ring connection, have good water tightness.

5. bite: PVC-U tube is not a nutrient source, so it will not be eroded by rodents. According to the National Health Foundation in Michigan, mice do not bite PVC-U pipes.

6. Performance test: curing time shrinkage splitting strength tensile properties peel strength thermal stability applicable period storage harmful substances release.

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