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What is the PP-R tubes?

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PPR tube as the preferred material for water improvement of home decoration, you definitely want to know some of the basics and characteristics of the PP-R pipes. The following content will lead you to a deep understanding of PPR tubes, know exactly what it is.

The introduction of PPR tubes.

PP-R tube is also called three-type polypropylene pipe, which is made of random copolymerized polypropylene.PPR pipe characteristics is light, corrosion resistance, no scaling, long-life etc. That is a new type of plastic pipe developed and applied in Europe at the beginning of the 90s. At the end of the 80s, PP-R was used as a new generation of pipeline material by using the gas phase copolymerization process to make about 5% of PE in the PP molecular chain randomly and homogeneously polymerized (random copolymerization). And the PP-R pipe has good anti impact performance and long-term creep properties.

PPR tube use hot-melt technology, the tube is completely integrated together. So once pass the installation of pressure testing, will never leak again, high reliability. But this is not to say that there is no defect of PPR pipe, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance slightly less.The working temperature can not exceed 70 DEG for long time. The length of each section is limited, and can not bend. If working place is long and have many corner, would be need many fittings.Pipe is cheap,but the accessories is expensive. From the comprehensive point, PPR pipe is the higher cost performance of the pipe, so it becomes the preferred material for water improvement of home decoration.

Generally in the transformation of water and electricity, the original water pipes will be replaced, the home decoration companies and businessmen will introduce to all use hot water pipes. Even through the cold water is also used hot water pipe. Their claim is that the technical parameters of the hot water pipes are higher than the cold water pipes, and the price is nearly same. So the waterway reconstruction use hot water pipes. Another fact is that even if you want to buy cold water pipes, it's hard to buy in the market, because the cold water pipes only supply the tooling market and don't supply the home decoration market.PPR pipe size can be from 16mm to 160mm, home decoration is mainly used in 20mm, 25mm. The size of PP-R pipe is outer diameter.

The characteristics of PPR pipes.

   In addition to the general plastic pipe PP-R light weight, corrosion resistance, non fouling, long- life and other characteristics, but also has the following main features:

1, Non-toxic, clean. PP-R pipe has only carbon and hydrogen elements, and there is no harmful and toxic elements. It is hygienic and reliable. It is not only used for cold and hot water pipelines, but also for purified drinking water systems.

2, Heat preservation and energy saving. Thermal conductivity of 0.21w/mk tube for PP-R, only for the steel 1/200.

3, Better heat resistance. Softening point of VEKA for PP-R tube at 131.5 C. The highest temperature is 95 degrees centigrade, can use hot water drainage system to meet the construction requirements of.

4, long service life. The life of PP-R tube can reach more than 50 years under the condition of working temperature 70 and working pressure (P.N) 1.OMPa, and the service life can reach more than 100 years at normal temperature.

5, Convenient installation and reliable connection. PP-R has good welding performance. The pipes and fittings can be melted and fused. The installation is convenient and the joint is reliable. The strength of the joint is greater than the strength of the pipe itself.

6, recyclable materials. PP-R after cleaning, crushing waste recycling in pipe production. The recycled amount not more than 10% of the total, does not influence the quality of products.

The main uses of PP-R tubes.

1, Cold and hot water system, including the central heating system;

2, In a building heating system, including floor, wall and radiant heating system;

3, Purified water supply system for direct drinking;

4, Central (centralized) air conditioning system;

5, Chemical delivery or discharge of industrial piping system.

   The article above, mainly contains the introduction, characteristics and main uses of PPR pipes. If you are in need of PP-R tubes, then this article will definitely be useful to you. As a professional manufacturer of PPR tubes, we are very pleased to help you understand PP-R tubes.

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