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What is the purpose of the PVC reducer?

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PVC is a synthetic material, I believe everyone basically knows. Over the years, its advantages have made it popular in everyone, and everyone has used it in many fields. PVC tube is a type that everyone often uses. Everyone should have heard of it. It can be used in your own home. PVC pipes are also divided into many types, one of which may not be known. If you want to understand it, you can continue to read this article, and then I will discuss PVC reductants.


The content list of this article:


What is a reducer?

What are the uses of PVC reducers?

How to choose PVC reducer?



What is a reducer?


The reducer, also known as the size head, is one of the chemical pipe fittings and is used for the connection of two different pipe diameters. The reducer is a type of pipe used for the pipe diameter reduction. The forming process usually adopted is a reduction press, a diameter expansion press, or a reduction diameter and a diameter expansion press. For some sizes of different diameter pipes, press forming can also be used. The reducer is divided into two types: concentric and eccentric. Concentric reducers are generally used on vertical pipes; eccentric reducers are used for horizontal pipes, and attention should be paid to indicate whether the top or bottom is flat.


What are the uses of PVC reducers?


1. The reducer can be used to solve the connection between pipes of different pipe sizes. When the flow rate of the fluid in the pipeline changes, such as increasing or decreasing, the flow rate requirement does not change much, and a different diameter pipe is required.

2. Different diameter pipes can be used to solve some engineering problems in different terrains. For example, in some projects, the terrain is limited, only small pipes can be laid, and the different diameter pipes are suitable for laying in these places;

3. A reducer can be used to control the reduction or increase of fluid flow in the pipeline;

4. With the instrument, such as the flow meter, the connection of the regulating valve, in order to cooperate with the joint of the instrument, a different diameter pipe is also required.

5, reducer can also be used at the entrance of some pumps, mainly to prevent cavitation and so on.


How to choose PVC reducer?


1. Before repurchasing, be sure to find out whether the diameter of the different diameter pipe to be purchased is compatible with the existing engineering pipe. You can measure the pipe diameter of the pipe before purchasing.

2. When re-purchasing, we must carefully look at the processing quality of the reduced-diameter pipe sold, and see if there is crack on the surface, causing leakage, and should be carefully checked;

3. When you buy again, you should check whether the wall thickness is up to standard and whether it is easy to break.

4. It depends on whether the different diameter pipe structure to be purchased meets the requirements of the required installation position. For example, some projects have limited terrain, which may result in the improper installation and use of the purchased shaped pipe.




PVC pipes and PVC joints I believe that you may need to use them frequently in your life. Everyone will know a little, but you may not know much. When you really need to choose to buy PVC pipe and PVC pipe couplings, you may have a headache. There are too many kinds, and I really don't know which one to pick. This article is to explain the PVC reducer, I hope to help you.

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