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Where is each type of pipe joints used?

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The pipe joint is a connecting tool between the pipe and the pipe, and is a connection point between the component and the pipe. It plays an indispensable role in the pipe fitting and is one of the two main components of the hydraulic pipe. There are a variety of different types of fittings that are used differently. The choice of different fittings depends on the pipe size, material and flow pressure. Therefore, where the pipe joints are used depends entirely on the pipe used. The pipe joints may be PVC pipe couplings, cast iron pipe joints, copper pipe joints, and the like. Next, let's talk about the use of pipe joints in different places.


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What are the different types of fittings?

Where are they used separately?


What are the different types of fittings?


Threaded joints, flanged joints, brazed joints, compression joints, welded joints, grooved joints, etc. When using PVC pipe joints, its advantages are known to many people.


Where are they used separately?

Threaded joint

PVC pipe joints, cast iron pipe joints, copper pipe joints, etc. all have threaded joints. A threaded connection means that the pipe is connected by means of a threaded connection provided by each pipe. One pipe has internal threads and the other pipe has external threads.


Flange connection


Flange connections are used for high pressure flow and large diameter pipes. Usually they are used for flat end tubes or threaded tubes. The two flange parts are connected by bolts at the pipe joint to prevent leakage.


Brazed joint


Brazing is the process of using a molten filler material tube above 840 joints. Brazing is commonly used to join copper or copper alloy tubes. The filler material consists primarily of tin, which has a large affinity for copper. However, due to its weaker properties, tin is added to other materials such as nickel, tantalum, silver and copper.


Compression joint


When the pipe has a flat end, this type of joint is called a compression joint by attaching some fittings at its ends. The pipe ends will be fitted with threaded fittings or couplings so they are connected.


Therefore, in this case, we can connect pipes of different materials and sizes. However, the joints should be properly installed to resist flow pressure or they may fail and leak. Compression fittings come in a variety of materials to choose from, and the choice of fittings may depend on our requirements. For example: PVC pipe joints, cast iron pipe joints, copper pipe joints, etc.


Welded joint


Welding is also similar to brazing, but the only difference is the welding of the filled metal melt below 840 degrees Celsius. Welding is also used to join copper and copper alloy tubes. Solder paste is applied to pipes and fittings prior to soldering to prevent them from being oxidized by the flame. Here, we also need skilled workers to install. Welded joints are suitable for use in low temperature areas. They have a low mechanical strength as a brazed joint.


Groove joint


In the case of a grooved joint, the tube end includes a grooved edge that is joined by an elastomeric seal, and then a grooved coupling made of ductile iron is used as the elastomer-sealed lock. This slotted coupling is connected by bolts. These connectors are easy to install and economical.


PVC pipe and PVC pipe joint have good tensile and compressive strength, low fluid resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, good water tightness and anti-bite. Therefore, if you need PVC pipe or PVC pipe joints, please feel free to contact us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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