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how to fix a leaking PVC pipe elbow

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PVC pipe elbow

When the PVC pipe leaks, turn off the total valve of the water, locate the leakage pipe and measure the size of the rupture.


When the house is decorated, PVC pipes are used in many kitchen and toilet sewer pipes. When a leak occurs, the main valve of the water should be closed, and then the location of the leakage of the PVC pipeline can be found. The torch can be used to watch the PVC pipeline rupture carefully, and the size of the pipe rupture can be measured with a tape.


According to the size of the ruptured PVC tube, buy a new PVC tube to prepare for installation.

Depending on the size of the broken PVC pipe, buy a new PVC pipe of the same diameter, and buy a saw blade and a bottle of PVC glue.


Saw the cracked PVC pipe with a saw blade, remove its two short points from the joint, then apply the PVC glue on the inner wall of both ends of the pipe interface, connect the new PVC pipe to the joint, tighten the joint, and apply the PVC glue on the outer wall of the pipe, and then boil water for a period of time to check whether the pipe leaks.


Or can not repair the PVC pipe in the elbow or joint leakage, this repair is very difficult to prevent leakage, oneself can not deal with. It is better to invite professional personnel to prevent leakage. When the home PVC pipe leakage occurred, find the leakage position, refer to the above steps to deal with, can quickly fill the PVC pipe leakage.

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