SAM-UK is a China residential pipe fittings manufacturer dedicated to residential and home. And as the household plastic pipe supplier, SAM-UK provides different sizes and materials pipe fittings for home use for you to choose.
  • Apr
    The usage of PVC drainage pipe in residential buildings

    PVC drainage pipe and fittings are widely used in residential buildings such as kitchens, showers, toilets, sinks and laundry tanks etc. The following describes the use of one of the drainage pipes.

  • Apr
    Welcome to corferias bogoda exhibition centre 2017( pipe and fittings )

    Range of exhibition 1. Building, building materials equipment, sanitary ceramics, sanitary equipment and accessories, ceramic glaze, production equipment and auxiliary tools, kitchen appliances and equipment; 2. Building windows and doors, curtain wall materials, profiles structural parts.

  • Mar
    The Early History of PVC Pipe

    THE EARLY HISTORY OF PVC PIPE“Many of you've got expressed a curiosity PVC PIPE concerning the historical development of PVC pipe. In response to your requests, we offer you with this transient early history of PVC pipe and fittings. PVC was discovered as early as 1835, however the primary definite

  • Apr
    PVC water pipe and drainage the difference

    PVC pipe mainly includes PVC drainage pipe, PVC water pipe, PVC conduit pipe, etc. Of course, new materials such as PVC-M pipe, PVC-O pipe, we use the basic PVC drainage pipe and PVC water pipe, then these two pipes in the use and advantages of what specific differences.


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  • talk about plastics pipe fittingsAs the China residential pipe fittings manufacturer and household plastic pipe suppier------Taizhou Zhuoxin Plastics Co., Ltd ( SAM-UK ) was established in 2006 and located in Huangyan, "The home of plastic and mould in China". We are a professional pipe fittings for home use-sam-uk manufacturer and household plastic pipe supplier of PVC, CPVC, PPH, PPR, brass, pipe, fittings, valves, taps,etc. Now ,the best drain fittings is for sale.Currently we mainly supply ANSI standard ,NBR standard, BS standard ,DIN standard and so on. With certificates of Intertek, SGS, SONCAP, ISO9001 and CE, our home use plumbing pipe fittings are popular all over the world.
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     Our Vision : The world's first supplier of fittings.


     Our Mission : Quality pipe, Quality water, Quality life.


     Our Value : Share together, Win together, Grow together


     Conduct Code : Be honest, Be kind, Be practical.

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SAM-UK Is the largest manufacturers of pipe fittings in china, providing professional services and the best quality pipe fittings, well known in the world.



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