Application area of PVC pipe fittings

Application area of PVC pipe fittings

PVC is a thermoplastic polymer that has many important advantages over other types of tubing. Therefore, PVC pipe fittings and pipes are used in many aspects for production activities, because PVC pipe fittings bring many benefits to them.


Definition of PVC pipe fittings

Application in the transport of water

In other applications

Definition of PVC pipe fittings

Pipe fittings are the general term for components in the piping system that function as connection, control, direction change, split, seal, and support. The main component of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, a material added with other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. The uppermost layer of this surface film is lacquer, the main component in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the lowermost layer is a back-coated adhesive. Therefore, PVC pipe fittings are components made of polyvinyl chloride.

Application in the transport of water

Pipes for PVC pipe fittings are used to transport water, from the delivery of drinking water to the removal of sewage or waste to drainage from the ground or roof.

l  Drinking water

PVC pipes and PVC pipe fittings that distribute water under pressure. The main application is the distribution of drinking water. Medium in diameter (typically between 75 mm and 250 mm). The main feature of these PVC pipes and PVC fittings is long-term withstand pressure, expressed as MRS (minimum required stress). Irrigation pipes have similar geometric and mechanical properties.

l  Soil and waste

Pipes and PVC pipe fittings (usually vertical) used to evacuate unstressed wastewater in buildings. These are usually medium diameter (<160 mm). They can be made of compact PVC or structural walls (foam cores).

l  Sewage and underground drainage

Pipes and PVC fittings used to collect and discharge wastewater without pressure for the purpose of burying them underground (horizontal direction). These are usually large diameters (160 mm to 630 mm). They can be made of compact PVC or structural walls (foam core or double wall corrugated layers).

l  Rainwater

Rainwater products on the ground, such as drains and downpipes, are available in a wide range of diameters (50-160 mm) for home and industrial use. Drains and downpipes are designed for outdoor use.

l  Hot and cold

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (C-PVC) pipes and PVC pipe fittings can be used to distribute hot and cold water and are used in the installation of heating systems. Their size range typically covers diameters from DN 16 to DN 160. The main feature of these pipes is the long-term heat-resistant water pressure.

In other applications

The transport of fluids is far from the sole use of PVC piping systems.

l  Cable protection

Mainly used to protect the cables in the building. The pipe can be corrugated or smooth and generally has a small diameter (<25 mm). Larger pipes (50-100 mm) for underground cable protection are usually made of compact PVC.

l  Pipe fittings

Almost anything can be done with modern PVC pipes and PVC pipe fittings. Due to the wide range of pipes, PVC fittings and valves, in a huge diameter and design, it is possible to connect almost without any restrictions. In addition to straight tubes, there are bends, branches, tees, reducers, clips and brackets. The connection is easy to use with a push rod or solvent cement, which provides a versatile system without any gaps that is simple and easy to install.

l  Industrial pipe application

Due to its high corrosion resistance, PVC piping systems have been widely used in industrial applications for many years, from process cooling water to the transport of hazardous chemicals. The harsh environment and chemical transportation in the chemical plant place high demands on the safety, economy and subsequent maintenance of the pipeline system.

l  Fire sprinkler

Pvc piping systems are often used in public spaces such as libraries, museums and theaters, as well as fire sprinkler systems for offices, hotels and other high-rise buildings.

You know that these applications will not use PVC pipe fittings only in the area you know, you can use it in any suitable place.

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