How to bond PVC pipe fittings?

How to bond PVC pipe fittings?

In general, when you are ready for pipes and pipes, the next step is to glue. Bonding can be an important step, but it is not difficult, but you need to pay attention to some things, I will introduce you below.


Prepare before bonding PVC pipe fittings

How to bond PVC pipe fittings?

Skills requirement

Operation and protection

Prepare before bonding PVC pipe fittings

l  Tool preparation

Pipe cutting machine, tape measure, trimming knife, dust-free cloth, brush, marker pen, pipe cutter, plane table.

l  Material preparation

PVC pipe, pipe fittings, PVC pipe fitting surface cleaner, PVC glue. The material preparation mentioned here mainly refers to:

1. Clearance tolerance of pipe and pipe fittings

2. Ellipticity of the pipe

3. Quality of the adhesive

How to bond PVC pipe fittings?

l  Step1-Pipe cutting

Pipes above D40 are cut to length according to the required length. Pipes smaller than D32 can be cut with pipe cutters and then chamfered.

l  Step2-Cleaning

Wipe the dust or grease on the surface of the socket and the surface of the socket with a special PVC cleaner.

l  Step3-Smudge

Apply glue quickly and evenly to the surface of the socket and the inner surface of the socket.

l  Step4-Bonding

Find the center of the socket and the center of the socket, and force the tube into the socket to the required depth. Note: Pipes should be used before bonding, and the pipe fittings should be inserted once. Under normal circumstances, when the test is inserted to 1/2-1/3 of the specified depth, the matching clearance is moderate.

l  Step5-Keep

After the connection is completed, keep it glued for the glue to solidify for at least 2 minutes, and finally wipe off the excess glue outside the tube.

l  Step6-End

After the connection is completed, avoid applying an external force to the pipe fitting within fifteen minutes, and pressurizing after 48 hours of curing.

Skills requirement

1. Fitting requirements: The specifications of the pipe and fittings should be matched. If the clearance is too large, it should not be used in places with pressure. It should be used in drainage and overflow pipes but it should be painted several times when applying glue. After 48 hours, clean the interface glue. Add another weld to the surface to complement the tube and tube mismatch.

2. Preparation before bonding: The pipe joint should be flat and vertical at the front end of the bonding. The surface of the bonding surface should be cleaned with a dust-free cloth. The surface of the pipe is oily. It needs to be treated with a special cleaning agent for PVC pipe fittings. Some pipe fittings Disjointed water leakage is because the bonding surface is not clean, the effect of softening and dissolving the adhesive is not ideal.

3. Use of PVC adhesive: PVC glue is mainly made of perchloroethylene resin and other solvents in a certain ratio. It dissolves and softens the surface of the pipe and solidifies it after a certain period of time. When brushing the pipe fittings, the size of the brush should match the size of the pipe fittings. When applying PVC glue, first coat the mouth, then apply the socket, evenly and evenly. If too much brushing, the excess glue will be squeezed out to accumulate at the bottom of the pipe. It will not solidify for a long time, will continue to infiltrate into the inside of the pipe, soften the bottom of the pipe, especially the small-diameter pipe with long distance of thin wall. At this time, once the water is tested, it will be in the pipeline. A rupture leak occurred at the bottom.

Operation and protection

1. Improper operation mainly refers to the lack of experience of the installers and the lack of specialized skills training. For example, when bonding a pipe with a large diameter, especially when bonding an injection molded ball valve, the skilled construction worker will immediately push the glue in the direction of the axis of the pipe for 1/6 week and quickly push it to the specified position. Keeping the applied external force constant for not less than 60 banknotes, preventing the pipe from slowly withdrawing due to the taper of the die-cutting. On the contrary, many operators often do not continue to maintain the pipe fittings after inserting them into the specified position. The applied pressure causes the pipe to slowly withdraw, resulting in a shorter insertion, a reduced bonding area, and leakage and disjointing.

2. The curing time of bonding should be within 48 hours, so that it has sufficient time to cure.

The basic steps in the bonding of PVC pipe fittings are cutting, cleaning, painting, bonding, holding, and then ending. In fact, as long as you carefully do every step of the way, in general, there will be no major problems.

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