How to judge the quality of PVC pipe fittings?

How to judge the quality of PVC pipe fittings?

PVC pipe fittings  are made of polyvinyl chloride resin, stabilizers, lubricants, etc., and then extruded by hot pressing. They are the first plastic pipes to be developed and applied. PVC pipe has strong corrosion resistance, easy bonding, low price and hard texture. Today, PVC pipe fittings quietly occupy half of the pipe industry with its unique advantages. With the rising status of PVC pipe fittings in the pipe industry, some unscrupulous manufacturers have begun to harm consumers’ safety and interests by inferior filling and sub-priming. So, how to distinguish the quality of PVC pipe? Below, I will discuss with you how to judge the quality of PVC pipe.

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— PVC pipe fittings application field

— How to judge its quality?

— To sum up

PVC pipe fittings application field

1.  Municipal engineering.

It can be used for drainage and sewage pipes.

2.  Construction engineering.

For building rain pipes, underground drains, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc.

3.  Electrical and telecommunications engineering.

Can be used as a protective tube for various power cables

4.  Railway and highway communication.

Used as a protective tube for communication cables and optical cables

5.  Industry.

PVC double-wall corrugated pipe is widely used in sewage pipes of chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries.

6.  Agriculture and garden projects.

Used in farmland, orchard, tea garden and forest belt water-saving irrigation and irrigation

7.  Road engineering.

PVC double-wall corrugated pipe used as seepage and drainage pipe for railways and highways

8. The mine

PVC double-wall corrugated pipe can be used for mine ventilation and water supply and drainage pipes.

How to judge its quality?

1: Look at the whiteness and glossiness. Some manufacturers add too much miscellaneous materials and recycled materials to make the pipes black and yellow.

2: Take a sample of PVC pipe fittings, and it is generally a high-calcium product. It is ok to meet your requirements.

3: Take the PVC pipe sample with the foot of the pipe to see if it can crack, or the elongation at break after cracking. But when you step on your feet, make sure that people will agree, otherwise it may lead to contradictions.

4: The weather resistance is very troublesome. The most direct way is to take a few days to get the high temperature and high light, to see the surface change rate, but it is a waste of time.

5: Look at the materials, you need professional knowledge. Professional equipment can be analyzed, simple judgment method, take the same diameter, wall thickness, length of the two pipes to compare the weight, the high weight of the calcium powder impurities added too much, the material is not pure, up to the request.

In fact, the state should correctly guide enterprises to do their own pipe, survive by credibility, and backed by quality; for those who compete maliciously and unscrupulously, they should be given severe punishment. It can make the pipe conscientiously, ensure the quality of the pipe, and maintain the order of the pipe market.

To sum up

High-quality PVC pipe fittings can be broken and even broken without the use of ankles or even rolling with the car. Inferior ankles can be broken. So be careful when buying choices, pay attention to observation. Depending on the type of key you need, follow the above method and hope that you can choose the fitting that suits you. If you still have questions, don’t know, you can always consult us, we will have professional staff to answer.

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