How to quickly fix the PVC pipe?

How to quickly fix the PVC pipe?

PVC pipe is widely used in chemical industry because of its light weight, good polishing, beautiful appearance, small medium resistance, flexible and convenient assembly, time-saving and labor-saving characteristics. As we all know, PVC pipe coupling play a very important role in the whole pipeline for PVC pipelines. Because without it, PVC pipe can not be used as a whole. Do you know about PVC joints? How can we use them to quickly repair PVC pipes? Here we briefly analyze and introduce this, hoping to help more people understand PVC pipe and PVC pipe coupling.


The analysis points are as follows:

♦ How to connect PVC pipe

♦ How to quickly fix PVC pipe

♦ Related notes

♦ Conclusion


How to connect PVC pipe

(1) Before using the adhesives, the drainage glue used to connect PVC pipes must be fully shaken. PVC pipes and socket parts must be cleaned. The smaller the socket clearance is, the better wool treatment of the joint surface with sand cloth or saw blade is. Brush the rubber in the socket thinly and evenly. Rubber brush outside socket twice and insert it into place after 40 to 60 seconds of drying. At the same time, attention should be paid to increasing and reducing drying time according to climate change. When bonding with PVC pipe coupling, it is strictly forbidden to immerse in water. When the pipeline is in place, it must be laid flat in the ditch. When the joint is dry, it should be backfilled after 24 hours. When backfilling, sand is used to tighten the pipe, leaving the joints of the PVC pipe for a large amount of backfilling.


(2) Then the adhesive is injected into the pore of the leakage site. Because of the negative pressure in the pipe, the adhesive will be sucked into the hole to prevent leakage. Sleeve repair and bonding methods are mainly aimeIf the whole part of the pipeline needs to be replaced when the pipeline is damaged in a large area, the method of replacing the pipeline with double socket connectors can be adopted. Solvent method can be used to deal with the leakage of solvent bonds. At this point, the water in the pipeline is first discharged, and a negative pressure is formed in the pipeline. d at leakage of porous pipe and PVC pipe coupling. At this time, the same diameter of 15-20 cm pipe is selected, and the pipe is separated longitudinally. The inner surface of the shell and the outer surface of the repair pipe are fooled by bonding PVC joints. After gluing, the pipeline is tightly covered at the leak point. Glass fiber method is a kind of resin solution composed of epoxy resin reinforcing agent. The resin solution is impregnated with glass fiber cloth and evenly wound around the surface or joint of the pipeline to leak. After curing, it becomes glass fiber reinforcing plastics.


How to quickly fix PVC pipe

1) Because of the restriction of underground condition and environment in coal mine, it brings a lot of inconvenience to the fixing of pipeline. In order to ensure that the pipeline will not move axially under the action of pressure or water hammer (air hammer), it is also necessary to prevent the pipeline from swinging and bending under the action of pressure. So more fixed points must be adopted.

2) For pipelines under 110 mm, the suspension method is recommended, and the distance between the two fixed points should not be greater than 1 meter.

3) The bracket and bracket method are suitable for pipelines over 160mm. The distance between two fixed points should be greater than 2 meters.

4) The PVC pipe coupling in pipe fittings, such as elbows, tees and different meridians, vary greatly, resulting in fluctuations caused by fluid turbulence, which can cause vibration of pipe fittings. These locations bear the thrust generated by fluid pressure at the same time, and must be fixed by supporting piers, brackets and brackets.

5) When fixing brackets, brackets and hangers, U-shaped cards and other types of pipe cards shall be installed on pipes or PVC pipe coupling. Because the surface of PVC pipe is smooth, in order to prevent the pipe from sliding, rubber pad should be placed between the pipe surface and pipe clamp, and then screw the pipe clamp to prevent sliding. Then the pipe clamp is firmly connected with piers, brackets and brackets by bolts.


Related notes

So what should we pay attention to when fixing PVC pipe?

(1) Before installation, the PVC pipe must be familiar with the design drawings, check the installation location and soil structure, and combine with the decoration of the building map.

(2) Understand whether the coordinates of each pipeline have intersecting areas, and whether the layout space of the pipeline is reasonable. If problems are found, they should be solved in time.

(3) When installing PVC pipe, the gradient of drainage direction should be determined according to the design coordinates, elevation, field cables and other factors, and brackets and hangers should be prepared.


Read this article, you have a more in-depth understanding of the fixing method of PVC pipe? In fact, fixing PVC pipe is not only an important method, but also matching PVC pipe coupling. In recent years, the excellent performance of PVC pipes has been welcomed by the engineering community. Now it has become a popular and widely used synthetic material in the relevant fields of society. If you want to know more about PVC pipe and PVC pipe coupling, please feel free to contact us.

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