How to remove the PVC pipe from the pipe joint?

How to remove the PVC pipe from the pipe joint?

With the development of economy, PVC pipe has been widely used in daily life. PVC pipe is praised by engineering circles for its light weight, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, safety and convenience. In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic economy, the development of PVC pipeline in China is very rapid. However, the best PVC hose can not be separated from the help of PVC pipe coupling, only the correct use of PVC pipe coupling, in order to make it play a greater role. So, in our daily life, how should we connect the PVC pipe correctly? How to remove the PVC pipe from the PVC joint? Here’s a brief introduction.

The points are as follows:

♦ How to connect PVC pipe

♦ How to remove the PVC pipe from the PVC pipe coupling

♦ Condition of implementation

♦ Conclusion

How to connect PVC pipe

According to the user’s experience, we summarized the following connection modes of PVC pipe:

1. Pipes can also be connected with elastic sealing rings, provided that the expansion of pipes or fittings must be R-type rather than flat expansion.

2. Connection of PVC pipes with other materials: (1) Flanges are used for large diameter pipes; (2) Small diameter pipes are made of flexible joints or internal and external joints.

3. PVC pipes are connected with water meters and valves: (1) flanges are used for large caliber pipes; (2) flexible joints or internal and external joints are used for small caliber pipes.

But there are some things to note in the connection process:

(1) Flammable articles such as adhesives should be kept away from fire sources.

(2) Cotton yarn and materials containing adhesives should be removed in time after the completion of routine construction.

(3) Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Once contact occurs, it must be cleaned immediately.

(4) If frozen adhesives are found during winter construction, warm water should be used to heat them, and open fire should not be used to bake them.

How to remove the PVC pipe from the PVC pipe coupling

Here, we introduce the following methods of removing PVC joints.

1. Use saw blade, then use large caliber tube (used as casing), PVC glue in inner hole at both ends of brush, and adhere to the original tube, after curing, it can be used normally.

2. If the metal PVC pipe coupling is tightened directly and rusted, a few drops of lubricant are added.

3. Coat the PVC glue on the inner wall and light it for 10 seconds. After extinguishing the fire, quickly pry open the inner wall with a screwdriver, and the fittings can be used twice.

Condition of implementation

However, the removal of PVC pipes should also be carried out under the following conditions:

(1) Drying treatment: usually no drying treatment is required.

(2) Melting temperature: 185-205 C. Mould temperature: 20 ~ 50 °C.

(3) Injection pressure: up to 1500 bars of pressure: injection speed can reach 1000 bars: in order to avoid material degradation, injection speed is usually very high.

(4) Runners and doors: All traditional doors can be used. For smaller parts, it is better to use needle gate or underwater gate; for thicker parts, fan door is preferred. The minimum diameter of needle valve or underwater gate shall be 1 mm, and the thickness of sector gate shall not be less than 1 mm.


Therefore, the correct use of PVC pipe is also a kind of knowledge. In order to make full use of PVC pipe, we should learn to connect and remove PVC pipe coupling. Of course, for the use of PVC pipe, if you have any questions about PVC pipe coupling, please consult us in time, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

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