What is a PVC pipe rubber joint?

What is a PVC pipe rubber joint?

In recent years, plastic pipes have been widely used in China, mainly in urban water supply, drainage, building water supply and drainage, etc. PVC pipe is widely used because of its excellent performance. Its development naturally promotes the demand and market of rubber joint, because rubber joint is an indispensable part of PVC pipe. There are many kinds of materials for PVC pipe coupling, and the rubber joint of PVC pipe is one of them. So, what is PVC pipe rubber joint? Why does it develop so well? Here’s a brief introduction.


The main points are as follows:

♦ What is PVC pipe rubber joint

♦ How to choose PVC pipe rubber joint

♦ Instructions for use of PVC pipe rubber joints

♦ Summary


What is PVC pipe rubber joint

As the name implies, rubber joint is a kind of joint used for pipe connection. The main material is rubber, and equipped with flanges, fixtures and other components. The rubber joint of PVC pipe is a kind of PVC pipe coupling. The connection mode is to extend the socket with groove at one end of the pipeline through the automatic expander, on which a flexible rubber sealing ring is placed and inserted into one end of the pipeline, and the connection is completed without expanding the sealing ring into the socket. V-ring is an elastic rubber sealing ring, which has an axial function and is used for pressure-free sealing of rotating shaft. Seal lip has better fluidity and adaptability, can compensate for greater tolerance and angle deviation, can prevent internal grease or grease leakage, can also prevent external splash or dust intrusion.


The rubber joint of PVC pipe can be flexibly connected, sealed and movable sealed.Compared with joints made of other materials, it also has the following advantages:

1. Small size, light weight, good elasticity, easy installation and maintenance.


2. It can absorb transverse, axial and angular displacements caused by pipeline vibration after installation; it is not limited by the center of pipeline and non-parallel flange.


3. After installation, it can reduce the noise caused by vibration such as pipeline pump, and has strong vibration absorption ability.


4. Seamless high-pressure rubber joints produced by rubber joints can effectively prevent high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion of corrosive media on the inner wall of rubber joints in oil pipelines, and improve the service life of rubber joints.


How to choose PVC pipe rubber joint

Because of its many excellent properties, such as flexibility, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, PVC pipe rubber joints are widely used in petroleum, water supply, drainage, electric power, fire protection, health and other fields. So in practical application, how should we choose the right rubber joint?

1. The first consideration is the size of the rubber joint. Installation can only be successful if the size is appropriate.

2. Next, the working pressure of the rubber joint should be known.

3. Finally, we need to understand the connection mode of rubber joint, generally flange connection, clamp connection and threaded connection. When installing rubber joint, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the displacement and deflection limit of joint, otherwise it will cause irreparable damage to rubber joint. If the actual displacement required is greater than the standard displacement, it should be solved by adding joints.

In practical application, there are many requirements, such as whether the pipeline medium is water or oil, whether the pipeline needs acid or alkali resistance, whether the pipeline needs to withstand high or low temperature, etc. In a word, we must choose the suitable rubber joint according to the actual situation.

Instructions for use of PVC pipe rubber joints

1. It is necessary to select the appropriate type according to the working pressure, connection mode, medium and compensation quantity of the pipeline, and to select the appropriate type according to the requirement of noise reduction displacement.

2. When the instantaneous pressure of the pipeline is greater than the working pressure, a gear joint higher than the working pressure should be selected.


3. When the pipeline medium is acid-base, oil, high temperature and other special materials, a gear joint higher than the working pressure of the pipeline should be selected.

4. When using or storing rubber joints, high temperature, ozone, oil and acid-base environment should be avoided. Sunshades should be constructed for outdoor or windward pipes and should not be exposed to sunlight, rain or wind erosion. Painting and winding insulation materials are strictly prohibited on the surface of joints. Due to the aging problem of rubber products, it is necessary to timely check and update.


Because rubber has many excellent properties, such as flexibility, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, so PVC pipe rubber joints will have a good development prospects. When using it, we should also pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance. Only in this way can we achieve a win-win situation. If you want to know more about PVC pipe rubber joint, please consult in tim

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