What is a PVC pipe threaded joint?

What is a PVC pipe threaded joint?

With the continuous development of all walks of life, people have higher and higher requirements for materials. Because of its excellent performance, PVC pipe fittings are welcomed by major enterprises. The essence of PVC pipe is vacuum plastic film, which is used for surface packaging of various panels. Therefore, it is also known as decorative film and adhesive film. It is used in many industries, such as building materials, packaging, medicine and so on. In the use process, the most important part is actually the PVC pipe coupling. There are many kinds of PVC pipe coupling, including PVC pipe threaded joints. This kind of pipe joint has only special connection mode, which also brings us great convenience. Next, we briefly introduce the threaded joints of PVC pipe and the related connecting methods.

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✉ What is PVC pipe threaded joint

✉ PVC pipe threaded joint connection

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What is PVC pipe threaded joint

Thread joint of PVC pipe refers to threaded PVC pipe coupling, which is the most common pipe fittings in industry and life. Threaded joints make pipe connection simpler, easier to disassemble and replace, and greatly save the cost of pipe connection.

Threaded joints have the following characteristics:

1. The joint has high strength and good ductility, which can give full play to the strength and ductility of the base metal.

2. The connection is convenient, fast and easy to operate.

3. Inspection is convenient and intuitive.

PVC pipe threaded joint connection

The connection mode of threaded joint is mainly threaded connection. The connecting steps are as follows:


(1) Place pipes in subboxes or plugs. Don’t exaggerate the settings to prevent them, because they will lead to imperfect threads. Protect a section of polyethylene or in other ways.

(2) Cut square threaded pipe and remove burrs with sandpaper. We recommend square scissors.

(3) Provide clean threads and dry threaded check pipes with accessories to install PVC threaded joints.

(4) Apply a uniform thread sealant layer to the thread of the anode tube.

(5) Use the attached manual pressure pipe to adjust.

Note: Use threadable PVC accessories to ensure proper installation. For hydraulic test or system or equipment operation, please wait 24 hours after final assembly. It is not used in threading metal or PVC pipe. Stick to threaded protective tube.

Related considerations

Now, millions of miles of plastic tubes with threaded joints provide a reliable leak-free service. However, a small percentage of these threaded plastic fittings may leak or break. The reason is that the threaded joints are not assembled correctly. The following are some precautions for PVC pipe threaded joints:


(1) Don’t over tighten the joint and turn it again.

(2) Do not use Teflon tape or Teflon slurry or pipe coating to increase or lubricate joints. Thread connection sealant.

(3) Assuming that they can solve splitting problems by over-tightening, do not use “stronger” Schedule 80 threaded joints.

(4) Only Schedule 40 threaded joints and Schedule 40 pipes and fittings can be used.

(5) Do not tighten too tightly.

(6) Twist it once or twice with your fingers.


After listening to our introduction, do you know more about this kind of PVC pipe threaded joint? In fact, there are many requirements for the use of such PVC pipe coupling, such as pipe diameter, working pressure and so on. Only by knowing all these related things can we make better use of them and make them play the most important role. If you have any questions about the threaded joints of PVC pipes or other related PVC pipes, please consult in time.We will provide you with the latest and most comprehensive content.


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