What is a PVC street slip elbow?

What is a PVC street slip elbow?

PVC elbow is a joint connecting PVC pipe, usually 90 degrees and 45 degrees. Insert two pipes into the joint with angle. This joint is called elbow, and if it does not change the angle of the joint, it is called direct. Changing the angle is called elbow.

PVC elbow material is PVC, PVC material, PVC, it is the world’s largest production of plastic products, cheap, widely used, PVC resin is white or light yellow powder, can not be used alone, must be modified. PVC is amorphous powder with low branching degree and poor stability to light and heat. Different additives can be added according to different uses, and PVC plastics exhibit different physical and mechanical properties. A variety of hard, soft and transparent products can be made by adding a suitable amount of plasticizer into PVC resin.

PVC can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. Hard PVC accounts for about 2/3 of the market and soft PVC accounts for 1/3. Soft PVC is commonly used in floors, ceilings and leather surface, but because soft PVC contains softeners (this is also the difference between soft PVC and hard PVC), easy to become brittle, difficult to preserve, so its use is limited. Rigid PVC does not contain softeners, so it is flexible, easy to form, not easy to brittle, non-toxic, pollution-free, long-term preservation.

PVC Street Elbows

A PVC street elbow (sometimes called a street or service bay) is a pipe or pipe fitting that connects a length of pipe and another fitting at an angle.The PVC street elbow is used for the mother diagonal connection with the PVC pipe. These street elbow fittings are ideal for installation of sprinkler systems with long pipe PVC piping and must be turned to accommodate foundation and landscape features. When using a sliding connection, proper use of these elbows requires a tube or PVC primer and glue.

The PVC street elbow has a female connector (hub or FIP) at one end and a male or MIP connector at the other end. The advantage of a street elbow is that it can be connected directly to another accessory without having to use another short connector called a pipe joint. The “street” nomenclature comes from the idea of asking the corners where men and women meet.

The PVC street elbows have 90°, 45° and 22.5° bends. They can be used for water supply, drainage, sewers, vents, central vacuum systems, compressed air and gas lines, HVAC, sewage pump drains, and any location where pipe fittings are used to connect pipe sections. The Canadian Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code (B149.1) states that “…street elbows or street tees shall not be used in piping systems”.

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