What is the procedure for connecting PVC pipes? What do you do

What is the procedure for connecting PVC pipes? What do you do

The lightweight, durable, versatile and inexpensive PVC tube is an amazing product. Nowadays, it is widely used in various pipeline projects in families and courtyards. It is a common mode of transportation for hot and cold drinking water, sewage and drainage systems. You often encounter it in your pipeline projects, and you may find yourself turning to other “creative” home uses in the future. Therefore, learning how to connect PVC pipes correctly can save you time for future pipeline failures. The suitable PVC pipe can not be separated from the suitable PVC pipe coupling, because the specification of the PVC pipe coupling corresponds to the PVC pipe. Next, we briefly introduce how to connect PVC pipes. It is hoped that it will help to solve more problems in the use of PVC pipe and PVC joints.

The main points are as follows:

✉ Advantages of PVC pipe

✉ Procedure for connecting PVC pipe and PVC joint

✉ Related matters

✉ Conclusion

Advantages of PVC pipe

PVC fittings are more popular than cunning fittings on the market, especially PVC fittings, which have the following advantages:

(1) Green environmental protection: The main raw material for the production of PVC pipe fittings is polyvinyl chloride, which is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It has been widely used in people’s daily life, such as tableware, medical infusion bags and so on. Don’t worry about its environmental protection.

(2) Ultra-light and ultra-thin: PVC pipes are only 2-3 mm thick and weigh only 2-3 kg per square meter, less than 10% of the common ground materials. In high-rise buildings, bearing capacity and space saving have incomparable advantages.

(3) Super abrasion resistance: PVC floor surface is a special transparent abrasion-resistant layer processed by high technology.The grinding speed can reach 300,000 revolutions.

Procedure for connecting PVC pipe and PVC joint

The performance of PVC pipe fittings is so excellent that we can not help asking how to connect PVC pipe fittings. What are the specific steps? Let’s take a look at the following:

(1) Before using the adhesives, the drainage glue used to connect PVC pipes must be fully shaken. PVC pipes and socket parts must be cleaned. The smaller the socket clearance is, the better wool treatment of the joint surface with sand cloth or saw blade is. Brush the rubber in the socket thinly and evenly. Rubber brush outside socket twice and insert it into place after 40 to 60 seconds of drying. At the same time, attention should be paid to increasing and reducing drying time according to climate change. When bonding with PVC pipe coupling, it is strictly forbidden to immerse in water. When the pipeline is in place, it must be laid flat in the ditch. When the joint is dry, it should be backfilled after 24 hours. When backfilling, sand is used to tighten the pipe, leaving the joints of the PVC pipe for a large amount of backfilling. When the PVC pipe is connected to the steel pipe, it is necessary to wipe the glue at the joint of the steel pipe, heat the PVC pipe soft (but not burnt), and then insert it into the steel pipe and cool it down. It would be better if the hoop was added.

(2) If the whole part of the pipeline needs to be replaced when the pipeline is damaged in a large area, the method of replacing the pipeline with double socket connectors can be adopted. Solvent method can be used to deal with the leakage of solvent bonds. At this point, the water in the pipeline is first discharged, and a negative pressure is formed in the pipeline. Then the adhesive is injected into the pore of the leakage site. Because of the negative pressure in the pipe, the adhesive will be sucked into the hole to prevent leakage. Sleeve repair and bonding methods are mainly aimed at leakage of porous pipe and PVC joints.

At this time, the same diameter of 15-20 cm pipe is selected, and the pipe is separated longitudinally. The inner surface of the shell and the outer surface of the repair pipe are fooled by bonding PVC joints. After gluing, the pipeline is tightly covered at the leak point. Glass fiber method is a kind of resin solution composed of epoxy resin reinforcing agent. The resin solution is impregnated with glass fiber cloth and evenly wound around the surface or joint of the pipeline to leak. After curing, it becomes glass fiber reinforcing plastics. The method has simple structure, easy technology to master, good plugging effect and low cost, and has high application value in seepage control and damage prevention.

Related matters

1. The length of PVC pipe is determined layer by layer according to the actual measured value and the size of each connecting pipe.

2. Fine saw, cutting tool and pipe cutting machine are suitable tools for PVC pipe saw. The fracture should be smooth and the section should not be deformed.

3. The socket part of the pipe of PVC to be bonded can be made into angular grooves with medium and heavy plate files.


With the development of social economy, the use of PVC pipe and PVC pipe coupling is becoming more and more common, and gradually entered every family. You should all know that PVC joints play a very important role in the whole pipeline. Because without it, PVC pipe can not be used as a whole. Therefore, it is also a very important process for PVC pipes to connect with other pipes through PVC pipe coupling. Okay, if you have any questions about PVC pipe and PVC joint, please consult us in time.

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