Will you connect pvc fittings?

Will you connect pvc fittings?

With the wide application of pipe in production, PVC pipe fittings are more and more popular with social consumers. Now, PVC accessories are mainly used in industry, agriculture, household appliances, automobiles, construction, garden irrigation and many other fields. From the market survey, we found that the application of PVC pipe has shown a rapid development speed. Therefore, according to the consumption characteristics of PVC pipe and the continuous development of domestic and foreign trade, PVC pipe will become a bright spot in the future development of pipe fittings industry. So, in daily life, do you connect PVC pipe fittings? Do you know how to connect different pipes in different ways? Here’s a brief introduction.

The main points are as follows:

♦ What is PVC pipe fittings

♦ Benefits of PVC pipe fittings

♦ How to connect PVC pipe fittings

♦ Conclusion

What is pvc pipe fittings

The main component of PVC pipe fittings is polyvinyl chloride, which is a material added with other components to improve its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. They are made of PVC resin, stabilizer, lubricant, etc. and then extruded by hot pressing. They have strong corrosion resistance, easy adhesion, low price and hard texture, and are one of the most widely used pipe fittings. In the production process of PVC materials, manufacturers will inevitably add several additives, such as stabilizers, plasticizers and so on. But even with environmental additives, PVC pipes are non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly.

It is divided into soft and rigid. Soft PVC is usually used on floors, ceilings and leather surfaces. however, its application is limited due to the plasticizer and poor physical properties of soft PVC. Hard PVC without plasticizer is easy to form and has good physical properties. has great development and application value.

Benefits of PVC pipe fittings

1. It has good tensile and compressive strength, but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes.

2. Low fluid resistance: because the pipe wall is very smooth, the fluid resistance is very small.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance:They have excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, so they are not affected by water and soil pH.

4. Good water tightness: Whether it is bonded or rubber ring connection, its installation has good water tightness.

How to connect PVC pipe fittings

So, do you connect PVC accessories?

(1) PVC pipe fittings are connected with steel pipe and cast iron pipe. Generally, flanged joints are used for connection (specifications are higher than medium diameter). Small caliber can be connected by valve joint (sleeve joint and external thread joint), and tooth end can be connected with the same diameter joint of metal pipe. Small caliber can also be used as “adapter and internal threaded connector” (one end of the connector is internal threaded teeth).

(2) PVC pipe and metal pipe connection, large and medium caliber can also be used “oblique ring” or PVC pipe oblique ring made of flat (with metal flange), metal pipe flange, thread connection, end PVC pipe screw hole metal flange and screw hole position, can be used with metal pipe flange. It can also be combined with a bending needle (the outer diameter of the metal pipe should be adjusted to the outer diameter of the PVC pipe).


(3) The connection between PVC and PVC can be bonded or pasted.

Firstly, thin toothed saw, cutting knife or special pipe breaking tool are selected to connect PVC pipe joints. Then, the PVC pipe is cut according to the corresponding size, and the broken burrs and edges are removed by plate hammer. Chamfer. Before using the adhesive, dry the surface dust, water and oil in the socket with a dry cloth. Apply the adhesive evenly on the socket surface with a brush. Find the center of two pipes and pipes. Insert the socket quickly into the socket and rotate it 1/3 times. Keep for at least 10 minutes to make the adhesive uniform and the adhesive uniform. Distribution and curing. Finally, wipe the excess adhesive outside the coffin with a cloth and connect it for 2 hours before boiling water.

However, it must be noted that the adhesives should be used immediately and should not be operated by detergents. Ventilation should be maintained at the construction site where the binder cannot be fired. If the temperature is below 10 degrees, the construction can not be carried out. The constructors need to wear gloves. Don’t let the adhesive get into your eyes. Once in, wash immediately and send to hospital for treatment.


In recent years, PVC pipe fittings have been used more and more widely, and gradually become one of the more popular synthetic materials. Because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, safety and convenience, PVC pipe fittings are widely praised in many industries. If you want to buy suitable PVC pipe fittings, please choose us. If you want to know more about PVC pipe fittings, please consult us in time and we will answer your questions.

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