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Will you use PVC pipe joints?

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PVC joints are one of the simplest PVC fittings and are of course the cheapest. They are small parts that connect or "pair" one part to another, usually permanent. They can connect pipes to pipes, connect pipes to fittings, and even attach fittings to fittings. We may use PVC joints frequently, but we will find plumbers to install them normally. We will not install them ourselves. But in fact, sometimes if it is not convenient, learn how to install and use, you can also. Next, let me talk about how to install and repair PVC couplings.


How to install repair PVC joints:


Tools needed to install the fix

Choose the size of the connector needed to repair or install

Use PVC pipe to repair joints

Use sealant for adhesion

What should I pay attention to?


Tools needed to install the fix


Do-it-yourself homeowners do not need to have a large number of plumbing toolboxes. Simple hacksaws, tape measures,PVC pipes of different lengths, glue and pipe cleaners will make up most of what you need. There are smaller joints, elbows and PVC pipe repair joints, which also makes the job easier.


Choose the size of the connector needed to repair or install


Many of the products used in small cracks in PVC pipes are called repair joints, as well as pipe joints that need to be installed. This small piece of PVC has different sizes depending on the size of the pipe you have to fix. In most cases, typical dimensions are 3/4 inch and 1 inch diameter. They are also 4 to 6 inches long.


Use PVC pipe to repair joints


When you notice a small crack in it, you can easily fix it with the correct size PVC joint. Or when installing a pipe, you need to install a connector to connect it. Be sure to purchase the size that fits your pipe. If not sure, measure it diameter. The working principle of PVC pipe repair joints is very basic. The joint is placed over the crack in the pipe and sealed by a seal or snap fit. It wraps around the pipe without having to cut into the PVC, making maintenance easier.


Use sealant for adhesion


When using a joint that requires a sealant, it is first necessary to apply it on the sealant. If you are using a four-inch connector, make sure the sealant covers most of the PVC pipe around the crack. Place the fitting on the part that needs to be repaired and ensure that the solid part is aligned with the break. The sealant will form a waterproof seal after drying.


What should I pay attention to?


1. The length of the PVC pipe is determined layer by layer according to the actual measurement and combined with the size of each connecting pipe.

2. PVC pipe saw pipe tools should use tools such as fine-tooth saws, cutters and pipe cutting machines. The fracture shall be flat and there shall be no deformation at the section.

3. The part of it to be bonded can be folded into a groove at a certain angle by the medium plate.

4. After the socket interface of the PVC pipe is connected, the extruded adhesive should be cleaned with cotton yarn or dry cloth with a little acetone and other cleaning agents. According to the performance of the adhesive and the climatic conditions until the interface is cured.

5. The curing time of PVC pipe during winter construction should be extended appropriately.


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