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PVC 90 degree elbow repair

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pvc 90 degree elbow bend

The 90 degree bend pipe hydraulic joint product has the American Automobile Manufacturing Association standard [SAEJ514, SAEJ1453] to carry on the production, the material uses the American standard 1045 # steel integral hot die forging molding, the mechanical performance is good, has overcome the welding type shortcoming conforms to the appearance and the practical request. PVC pipe elbow have 90 degree, 45 degree elbow, through, three, four, specifications from 2 # - - - 24 #, products are mainly used in hydraulic and other fluid systems.


The 90 degree elbow is also divided into long bends, standard bends and short bends according to the turning radius. The better the flow state, but the larger the area, the higher the cost. The radius is 1.5 times or less than 1.5 times the elbow, and the larger the number is the elbow. The elbow or elbow is also a joint. The connectors also include big heads, three links, four links, etc.

90 degree pvc pipe elbow

90 degree elbow: for PVC line 90 degree turn.

Advantages: Solve the pipeline damage caused by traditional manual spring bending, reduce the malpractice of pipeline service life, save material, improve construction progress

Solution: Use 90 degree elbow, big radian, no dead angle, easy to pull, PVC pipe wire is unobstructed.

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