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what is PPR pipe for cold and hot water

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PPR is the abbreviation of tripropyl polyethylena, also known as random copolymer polypropylene tube, mainly divided into cold water pipe and hot water pipe two types, connected by welding, PPR pipe has its own welding and cutting tools, and has a higher plasticity. The price of the PPR pipe is very economical. Plus insulation layer, better insulation properties, the wall is also very smooth, not including the female and male adapters. The PPR water tubes are generally used for embedded walls, or deep well embedded pipe. PPR water pipes with its’ moderate price, stable performance, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, smooth wall without scale, safe and reliable pipeline system.can be used over 50 years. But the construction technology requirements are high, the PPR pipes need to use special tools and professional construction, in order to ensure system security.

PPR pipe for cold water and PPR pipe for hot water have some difference, can't be mixed.

1,The pressure of PPR cold water pipe is 1.0 or 1.6 MPa, and the pressure of PPR hot water pipe is 1.6 or 2.0 MPa.

2, PPR cold water pipes are generally used as water pipes, PPR hot water pipes are generally used for heating pipe, also can be used for water heater.

3, The pressure tolerrance of PPR cold water pipe and PPR hot water pipe is different, cold water pipe is small, so if the cold water pipe used on the hot water pipe (such as heating pipe with the larger working pressure ) is likely to make the pipe broken, but this is not Absolutely, some of the pipes to cold water can also be used to hot water, but no matter how the cold water pipes are not allowed to be used for hot water, the hot water pipe can be used for cold water.

4, Because of the pressure tolerance of the PPR cold water pipe and PPR hot water pipes is different, therefore the wall thickness of these PPR tubes are different, the price is different. The thickness of the PPR hot water pipes is thicker than the PPR cold water pipe,and also the price is expensive. Economically, it’s not a good choice to use PPR hot water pipes for cold water;

5,The PPR hot water pipe marked with a red line, the PPR cold water pipe marked with a blue line, and they also marked with words and pressure. in addition, if the same size pipe, we can distinguish the PPR hot water pipes and PPR cold water pipes according to the wall thickness of these pipes.

PPR water pipes specifications

PPR pipe specifications with pipe series S, nominal diameter DN × nominal wall thickness en said

Example: PPR pipe series S5, PPR Nominal diameter DN25mm, PPR Nominal wall thickness en2.5mm

Expressed as S5, DN25 × en2.5mm

PPR pipe series S: is a series of dimensionless numerical values for PPR pipe specifications, with the following relationship S = (DN-en) / 2 en

Remark : DN - PPR Nominal diameter in mm

en - PPR Nominal wall thickness in mm

Commonly used PPR tubes specifications are 5,4,3.2,2.5,2 five series

PPR pipe specifications PPR pipe according to the standard size SDR value is divided into 11,9,7.4,6,5 five series.

PPR pipe specifications PPR standard size rate SDR: PPR pipe nominal diameter DN and nominal wall thickness en ratio.

PPR tube specifications SDR and PPR tube series of the following relationship: SDR = 2S + 1

PPR pipe fittings specification representation:

PPR pipe nominal diameter DN refers to the PPR pipe connected to the PPR pipe nominal diameter. The wall thickness of the PPR pipes shall not be less than the wall thickness of the PPR pipes of the same PPR pipe series S.

Most of the enterprise PPR pipe fittings are only the highest standard S2 a series, all hot and cold water trial

PPR pipe specifications S5 series -------------- 1.25 MPa (12.5 kg)

PPR tube specifications S4 series -------------- 1.6 MPa (16 kg)

PPR tube specifications S3.2 series ------------ 2.0 MPa (20 kg)

PPR tube specifications S2 series -------------- 2.5 MPa (25 kg)

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