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Can you be differed Schedule 40 pipe from Schedule 80 pipe?

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I believe that everyone who has purchased PVC pipe fittings may have heard the word "Schedule", but you should not know what it means. Schedule has nothing to do with time. It is actually related to the thickness of the wall. But everyone is also very curious about the difference between Schedule 40 PVC pipe fittings and Schedule 80 PVC pipe fittings, which is more expensive than the No. 80 pipe than the No. 40 pipe. Their outer diameters are the same, but the walls of the 80th pipe will be a little thicker. Let's talk about the difference between them and how to choose the right pipeline.


The difference between them:


Water pressure rating

Size and diameter

Color different

Application and use


Water pressure rating


Both Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 are widely used around the world, and of course they all have different application areas. Schedule 40 has a thin wall and is therefore best suited for applications with low water pressure. Schedule 80 pipes have thicker walls that can withstand higher PSI. This makes it an ideal choice for industrial and chemical applications.

In order to let you know the difference in size, 1 "planned 40 PVC pipe with a minimum wall thickness of .133", 450 PSI, while Plan No. 80 has a minimum wall thickness of .179" and an FPI of 630 PSI.


Color different


Usually, Schedule 40 pipes are white and Schedule80 are usually gray to distinguish them. However, PVC pipe fittings have many colors, but you must pay attention to the color and label when buying, just in case you buy the wrong one. After all, sometimes customers choose things that look good in color, so they produce a lot of colors to stimulate customers' interest in buying.


Size and diameter


Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC pipe fittings have identical outer diameters, but Schedule 80 has a thicker wall inside the pipe. This means that the 80th pipe will slightly limit some flow, even though it may have the same pipe diameter as the same planned pipe.


In fact, sometimes you can combine them in two, but you need to pay attention to the low pressure processing of the components of Schedule40 to meet the pressure requirements of your application. This way the pipe is only as strong as the weakest part or joint, so even a Schedule 40 part used in a higher pressure Schedule 80 line can cause serious damage.


Application and use


If it's a home repair or irrigation project, you should basically choose Schedule 40, which already handles the impressive pressure. For each family, it is usually enough to choose this. After all, you can save money. If you choose a large diameter part, it is not wrong to choose this.


But if it is industrial or chemical, you need to put more pressure on the material, and then choose the thicker Schedule80 is essential.


End of the article


Schedule 40 has the same outer diameter as Schedule 80, but the wall of 80 is a little thicker. So in order to distinguish them, the colors produced are different. But you still need to see it when you buy it. After all, the color of PVC pipe fittings is very large. Sometimes, in order to promote the desire of customers to buy, it will increase the choice of color. When you choose, you need to ask a professional person. After all, you don't understand it. Choose the right pipeline to play a better role.

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