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How to coupling PVC pipe

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PVC material is a synthetic material that is deeply loved and widely used in the world today. Pipes couplings made of PVC materials are also very popular in the building materials industry. Let's take a look at how the PVC pipe couplings is used.


First of all, You can connect PVC to copper in several ways. One common method is to solder a female threaded fitting onto the copper pipe, screw in a male threaded plastic fitting and finish up by gluing plastic pipe to the plastic fitting. This isn't the best way, though, because you can't tighten the fitting if it leaks. The best and most safe option is to use a copper-to-plastic adapter. Those with moderate do-it-yourself skills can complete this project. Here are some specific operating details.


·Insert the pipe into the fitting. Make sure that it is fully seated and use a mallet if necessary to make sure it is completely inserted.

·Use a 1/8” drill bill to make a pilot hole about midway where the pipe and fitting meet, into the side of the fitting. This will make it easier to insert the screw.

·Using a power drill or driver, insert a self-tapping, threaded screw into the pilot hole you just drilled. Make sure that the screw is long enough to go through the fitting and pipe.


If you are not quite understanding, here are some specific steps you can refer to.


Make square cuts for strong joints.

Get clean, square cuts with a fine-tooth saw and a homemade guide.


Sand off the saw burrs

Prepare the ends of the pipes you plan to join by wiping off dirt with a rag and filing the edges on the copper pipe with a metal file to remove burrs.Left in place, burrs can snag hair and other debris, causing clogs. Plastic burrs left from sawing can cause trouble in PVC pipes. On the inside they can collect debris and slow the water flow. You can remove them with a file or pocketknife, but sandpaper is easier to use and works great. Then hold the sandpaper at an angle and sand the inside and outside of the plastic pipe until you create slightly beveled edges.


Mark the pipe and fitting for precise orientation

By the time you spread the solvent cement on both the pipe and the fitting and press them together, you have only several seconds to get the alignment right before the pieces are stuck together. Dry-fit the pipe and fitting, using a torpedo level if needed to align the fitting, and make a mark across the fitting and pipe. Use these marks to align the fitting and pipe when you join them with solvent cement.


Push and twist for leak-proof joints

Wipe the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipe with primer. Spread an even layer of solvent PVC cement on the inside of the fitting and outside of the pipe. Just swiping the pipe with cement and pushing on the fitting wont' t ensure a strong joint. You want to make sure you have an even layer of cement over all mating surfaces.


Fix mistakes with a coupling

It' s always a bummer to make a mistake, but at least with PVC pipes it's easy to fix. Simply saw out the messed up section, whether it's too long, too short or crooked. Correct the mistake and reassemble the joint with a coupling. In some cases, you can reuse the old section of pipe and fitting. You may be able to use the bad section later.


Use transition couplings to connect different types of PVC pipes

Slide the pipe ends into the transition fitting. Turn the screws clockwise with a nut driver to tighten the bands and seal the joint.


This is probably the way PVC pipes are spliced. If you still don't understand, welcome to ask us questions and we will do our best to solve your problems. If you are interested in our products, welcome to visit our website.

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