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Main points of installation of PVC drainage pipe fittings

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When you install pipes and PVC pipe fittings for your drain, you need to know some points. This information can help you install it better.


Installation specification

Material instructions

Operating process and key points


Installation specification


1. Scientific management of construction: use a comprehensive quality management approach. A sound quality assurance system and technical measures control the entire construction process.


2. Rationality of the installation process: It is suitable for compact construction process lap joints and labor organization arrangements, which makes the process cross-over work and engineering quality rework phenomenon curbed, saving labor and reducing material waste.


3. Feasibility of construction technology: The practice and improvement of the construction method has more detailed operation requirements and key points. The pipeline interface parts take effective measures to ensure the sealing performance of the interface, which has wider feasibility.


Material instructions


l  PVC pipe fittings are plastic products with polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, and their characteristics are:

1. Corrosion resistance, strong insulation performance, high impact strength, low fluid resistance, 30% increase in flow rate of cast iron of the same diameter.

2. PVC pipe parts are light and durable, easy to install, and have lower engineering cost than cast iron pipes of the same specifications.

3. PVC pipe fittings are white, bright and bright, and the surface is bright and smooth. The pipe fittings in the room can make the indoor environment atmosphere clean and easy.


l  Pipe and PVC pipe fittings performance indicators

1. Pipe and PVC pipe fittings are complete and defect-free, and the inner and outer surfaces are smooth and flat. No air bubbles and obvious traces, depressions, uneven color and discoloration are allowed.

2. The end surface of the PVC pipe is perpendicular to the axis, and the straightness tolerance of the pipe is less than 1%.


Operating process and key points


l  Prefabrication

Check the appearance of the pipe and straighten the bending department. The specific method is to place the pipeline on the straightening platform, inject steam or 100 °C boiling water into the tube, make the tube soft, and cool and straighten under self-weight.


l  Pipe fitting installation

According to the design requirements, the trench is excavated, and the hole casing is reserved to make the hanger. When the construction conditions are met, the prefabricated pipe sections are transported to the installation site according to the prefabricated pipe sections for installation. When each pipe section is bonded, it must be carried out in order according to the bonding process. The positions of the reserved ports are accurate. After the horizontal main pipes are installed, they are closed with an inflatable rubber blocking plate to perform a water shut-off test. Check the floor and wall practices of the building, find the reserved openings, and trim the reserved openings according to the exact size. The measured number of parts is measured and recorded, and then the machining number is prefabricated. When transporting to the site to install the bond, the reserved nozzle must be cleaned. As mentioned above, do a closed water test. In the closed water test, if it is found that the water leakage phenomenon or the leakage interface is repaired due to improper operation, the weld can be welded to fill the leak.


l  Water test

After the sanitary appliances, pipes and PVC pipe fittings are all installed and the system is closed, the water-passing test is carried out system by point and point by point. The water passing test is carried out before the final step of the paint painting and cleaning process.


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